Consequences of missing a calling to a specific order

I do believe myself that God has a plan, a specific calling for each person.
Please correct my if I am mistaking but I believe st. Bernard estimated that one out of three people have a calling to religious life. The church fathers always emphasized on the importance on living out the life God is calling you to. This is because we are all called to sainthood and God gives His grace to become saints according to the state of life He calls us to. If I am called to religious life, it would therefore much harder for me to become a saints in marriage (not impossible tough).

I believe that if one is called to religious life, God calls to a specific order.
Although the church fathers did write about the importance of preserving our vocation and the dangers of missing them, I can’t find anything about missing a vocation to a specific order. I mean it is a beautiful thing if you feel in your heart that God is calling you to a specific monastery and then persevere in your true calling, but it does happen that girls or women discern a vocation to a specific order, and then sort of miss them, for example because ones own behavior, lack of charity towards the other sisters or not zeal
ous enough, and feel sorry about this and give it another try in another monastery.

Do you know anything regarding missing of a calling to a specific order. I mean would the consequences be as serious as missing a vocation to religious life (at all by getting married or so)? This is something I am after thinking about. I mean there are also people who initially miss their vocation because they get married or get pregnant, and after their husband past away they are going to the convent. The mother of St. Bernard actually went to the convent while she was still married and his father as well. Could anyone please shed some light on this?

What serious consequences do you believe are incurred if one misses a vocation to religious life?

Well saints like Alphonsus Luguori and Don Bosco wrote a lot about vocations. If one is called to religious life but persuades marriage, it would harder for him to sanctify himself in this life. The cross may become to heavy.
So that is the serious consequence I am talking about. Sorry English is not my mother tongue. Maybe I didn’t use the proper word.

God will lead you to where you need to go. Don’t get hung up on specifics or being absolutely sure. If God is promoting you to go in a specific direction, follow it. As long as you have an open heart, you will end up to where you are meant to go.

People begin a journey and end up in a very different place than they could have imagined. I believe that is how God works with our vocations.

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