Consequences of not asking Virgin Mary for intercession


Consequences of not asking Virgin Mary for intercession

I have a question about
asking Virgin mary for intercession . Many protestants ask if you get less blessing from prayers addressed right to Jesus or Holy Trinity itself or you get more blessings to your life when you ask Mary for help. Are our intercessions to Mary compulsory in official teaching of Catholic Church or not? Are we losing something in our spiritual life when we do not pray to God through her?
Could you compare what is the practical consequence of a Christian who does not ask Mary for intercession?


It’s the same as the protestant asking or not asking their pastor to pray for them. If they don’t ask, they will not get their prayers. We want their prayers as well as our own. We ask for the intercessory prayers of the whole Church, not just the Church Militant, but the Church Triumphant as well.

The bible tells us the the prayers of the righteous are very effective. Those who are standing in the presence of God are most righteous indeed.


Thanks for answers. What about the way how to ask Mary for intercession?Do i always have to do it through the prayer hail Mary or I can utter it in my own words?Is it any difference in God`s response to those who pray whole rosary or those who ask Mary for help through their own words?


You can ask Mary to pray for you anyway you wish. Sometimes a “Hail Mary” may be the way to go. Sometimes another formal Marian prayer. Sometimes just a “Hey Mom, can you ask your Son for something for me?”. Do what you are comfortable doing and what your heart leads you to do.

We don’t know exactly what type of prayers God does and does not answer - there is no magic formula (i.e. 3 full rosaries = 1 winning lottery ticket…I WISH! :smiley: ).

God responds to prayer, I believe through 3 things: Am I sincere in my request? Is it in my best interest? Is it within God’s will for it to be done? I also think that the second reason is the one God often uses for saying “nope”. It has less to do with the amount of rosaries you say than with what is best for you.

P.S. - Then way say rosaries in the first place? I think you may find that praying the rosary, even if God does not answer your prayer today, will deepen your spirituality and bring you closer to Jesus as you meditate on the different aspects of his life. Remeber, God knows exactly what you want even before you ask. Prayer is much more for us than for Him.


There are different ways to pray. All of which are acceptable to God. The way you choose to pray to God or asking for the intersetion of the Saints or the Blessed Virgin Mary does not effect wreather or not your prayer is herd.
To look at prayer as a score card is VERY bad. "I sad X amount of prayers so God will answer my prayer"
Look at Job, he was honest with God. Thats what pleased God with Job, his honesty.


so does that mean its better to go through mary than to approach jesus directly?


Better, no. Another way, yes.

When someone is sick or in trouble in my family they ask me to pray for them as well as asking Jesus for healing. In the same way, I will then ask Mary or St. Terese to pray for them as well as asking Jesus.


There is no obligation to request the intercessory prayers of anyone (living or dead).

It is silly not too in my opinion, but there is certainly no obligation to make such a request.



Either way is fine. I always feel the more intercessions, the more my requests are being showered into Heaven.

When I ask Our Heavenly Mother for her intercession to her beloved Son Jesus, she will continue being there for us even when we are not at that moment praying. Mary is right there by her Sons side while I am busy with lifes affairs. Even when I am distracted and far away, she keeps up our needs. Nothing can be more pleasing to Jesus than His own mothers requests.

A priest once told me that Our Lord loves our persistence. Never giving up on a request just like St. Monica. Having Our Blessed Mother and the Saints helping us with prayers is POWERFUL!!



I certainly don’t think its “better.”

It doesn’t need to be “either-or” it can always be both.

I mean, sure, ask your Brother for a helping hand, but while you’re at it, why not ask mom to ask your Brother to help you out too?



It’s not better. Either way, your request comes before God. If you ask Mary also, it’ll be more people asking.


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