Conservative atypical charismatic bothered by new progressive priest


Though private devotions are not a duty imposed by God on us - can one impose love? They are lessons of charity. They are a share in God’s way of acting, a share in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Devotions open our hearts to God in a most exquisite way. They are the narrow gate. Devotions teach us how to pray, give us in our humanness permission to love God with our whole heart, soul, and strength. How can worship occur without devotion? Wouldn’t it be hollow? Love calls to Love. We learn to love God by living in His Love and giving Him back to Him in worship and in the joy of charity with one another. Must we put to death by ignoring the Saints through whom God reveals Himself in order to draw all men back to Himself? I am so confused at the resistance to private and even public devotion. Pray for me that I might understand.


Christianity is the narrow gate. :slight_smile:


Praise Be Jesus and His Most Sacred Heart! My new priest heard me and is giving equal attention to the line and the rail. The parish as a whole has solved the confusion going back to their seats on their own without a visible leader or suggestion. Our church sanctuary is a rectangle with two columns of rows with a center aisle and side aisles. One side of the center aisle receives in line standing. The other side of the center aisle receives kneeling at the rail. Only God could have come up with that! What is more, is that he supports devotions. Besides money goes where the heart is!


Glad to hear that everything is going well! Kudos to your priest for adapting to his new congregation. And kudos to you for letting him know that there was a problem. I think sometimes we are too shy about letting priests know what is going on.

But I agree that only God can smooth out our human problems this quickly!


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