Conservative Catholic Church?

The “Conservative Catholic Church, I don’t think so.”

Look where Christ’s church is at in the 21st century. Catholic priests and bishops denying communion to a devote catholic who is kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament. Priests molesting God’s children. Bishops and clergy supporting illegal immigration into this great country. So called catholic politicians supporting abortion rights.

Even though the Church has, in some cases, made a sharp turn left, I still like to think that a lot of the priests and bishops are still traditional, conservative Catholics. There are many bishops, though, [edited by Moderator] who denies Holy Communion to Catholics who kneel before the Blessed Sacrament. I truly believe that he would deny the pope himself Holy Communion if he knelt before him to receive it! Sad, but true.

I am fed up with the liberal turn the Church is taking, and pray everyday that it stops and does not eat it up.

Praying that there are still many conservative Catholics out there,


The church needs to be divided up between conservatives and progressives. American Catholics don’t need conservatives what to think, they also don’t need anymore self-righteous conservatives flogging themselves. Christ died for all my friend, including Liberals and Moderates. Enough of the superstitious mubo-jumbo of candle lighting etc. Pieces of cloth that saves souls. Weeping pictues. For heavens sake, God is not in some silly box that you believe God should be put in. I’m being as Christian as I can be right now.

This has been discussed at length on these boards. It’s really difficult to really define conservative anymore. At Vatican II, a conservative would not have wanted any changes to the liturgy at all. Now some people call themselves conservative if they bless themselves with holy water at a liturgical dance marathon.

Maybe the better word to use is orthodox. Are you in line with the teachings of the Pope and synods or aren’t you, is the question I would ask.

Perhaps you want to rewrite Exodus 25? Just a thought.

[size=4]And in the First Century, the Church was run by a fisherman who had issues with whether or not Gentiles should be circumcised; questioned on the point by a fast-rising bishop who was a tent maker by trade, also trained in pharisitic judiac theology, also once the murderer Jewish Christians. Most of the bishops were fishermen. One was a tax collector (How’d you like to have a bishop whose former job was at the IRS?). [/size]

The government in Rome, while encouraging “family values” winked and nodded at promiscuity, homosexuality, divorce, and infanticide. Yet, it had a bit of a problem with Christianity, as did the local government.

It’s nothing new, what you want to discuss. It was discussed 2000 or so years ago, and it’s discussed today. Give the Holy Spirit some space.

I think terms like “conservative” and “liberal” are not useful. Who knows what they mean? You have to define these terms first before you use them. I even think they tend to produce error. People think there is such a thing as a conservative Catholic/Christian or a liberal Catholic/Christian. I think this puts the cart before the horse. We are Catholic/Christian or we aren’t. What does “conservative” or “liberal” add to it? Either our faith comes first and our politics (as well as the rest of life) follows form it or it doesn’t. Phrases like “liberal Catholic[Christian]” or “conservative Catholic[Christian]” imply that politics precedes faith. It does for many, but it shouldn’t. Stating the problem this way means that the political and ideological tail is wagging the faithful and theological dog. I think this is a big error of our time. We can be Catholic/Christian and in some respects be “liberal” or “conservative,” but true adherence to the Magisterium puts limits on political choices like “liberal” and “conservative” though it doesn’t foreclose them. If we are true advocates of Catholic/Christian culture, as opposed to cultural Christians, then the faith come first and all else follows.

As for [edited by Moderator] if he is doing that he isn’t “liberal” or “conservative,” he’s just violating the GIRM and the Roman Missal. :PERIOD!!! This is unfortunate, but the issue is the teaching of the Church not “liberalism” or “conservatism.”

No division for me. One True Holy Catholic Church thank you. There are plenty of denominations that have split from Holy Mother Church already to fulfill the needs of those that truly don’t believe what she teaches and believes.

The churches should be filled to the rafters with people that believe what the church believes. Hindu, Protestant, Atheist (yes I believe that atheism is a religion), Mormon, Jew, Catholic and all others.

This is important and I know divisive. But it is my OPINION.

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Look we all fall short of the TRUTHS.

But the fact is that to be Catholic is to believe in the TRUTHS of the Catholic Church.

So a catholic bishop who is pro-abortion and is not following liturgical rules is not a liberal?
Yeah right

I don’t think the issue is whether someone is “liberal” or “conservative.” I don’t think these labels are helpful. The only point is whether someone adheres to Church teaching. There are plenty of “conservatives” who don’t, as well as “liberals.” I don’t think these labels move the discussion along. That was my point. Labels like “conservative” and “liberal” are argument starters, they don’t help resolve issues. :slight_smile:

You really don’t want to be conservative or liberal. The labels do really identify the fact one is not orthodox. It is just as well to name them heterdox.

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