Conservative Catholic colleges in Illinois and Wisconsin?


I am a convert to the Catholic faith from evangelical Protestantism.

I have always wanted to get a degree in Catholic theology, but a few years ago when I was deciding on my college my parents (who are Protestant) told me they would not allow me to go to a Catholic university. So I went to a state school and am currently majoring in English. Now my parents are running out of money and I will have to get loans and/or work to pay for my own education from here on out, so I‘m thinking of possibly transferring. My English major is not horrible but I know it’s not what I want to do with my life. I would much rather teach religion classes at a Catholic high school or get some other job in catechesis because, despite all hardships of such a career, I feel morally responsible for helping young people understand their faith and inspiring them to care about God. I know there are financial hardhips associated with such a career as well, so if at all possible I will try to get a degree in something else as well (such as finish my English degree with teacher certification and then do my master’s in theology, or try getting a degree in two fields at the Catholic college). My parents are just now starting to support me in my career intentions. I’ve always wanted to attend Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH but it is just too far from my house for my mom and dad to enthusiastically support the decision. I live in a far-north suburb of Chicago that is right on the border of Illinois-Wisconsin, tucked in next to Lake Michigan… I am just wondering if anyone knows of any really theologically sound, conservative Catholic colleges closer to my home whose students are as “on fire” for truth and for Jesus as they are at Franciscan. So far this is the only university I’ve really researched and feel like I know. Thank you and God bless you all!



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