Conservative Catholic named as spokeswoman for USCCB president, Cardinal Dolan

*Kim Daniels, a prominent conservative Catholic activist, has been hired as spokeswoman for the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Daniels has been a director of Catholic Voices USA, a group formed to improve the visibility of faithful Catholics in the mass media. An attorney as well as a wife and the mother of 6 children, she has served with the Thomas More Law Center, which handles religious-freedom issues.*Story at Catholic Culture

She should be a strong support in a crucial area, as the Media has become so powerful, often anti-Catholic. I disagree with the description of her as a “conservative” Catholic. There aren’t liberal and conservative Catholics, there are those who practice the Faith consistently, and those that don’t. There is no liberal or conservative position on religious freedom, abortion, or gay “marriage”. Those are absolutes, just as there is no liberal or conservative position on whether triangles still have 3 sides. Using our opponents’ terminology plays into their position, it makes it appear Daniels or Dolan are promoting their own opinions on positions where Catholics can just as well choose either side.

Yup. Couldn’t agree more.:thumbsup:


What is as “Conservative Catholic”?

Here’s another version of the article without the political headline. Written by Kathryn Jean Lopez and offers more details on this appointment.

Hopefully, someone with an orthodox view on Catholic teaching.

Me. I am orthodox in my Catholic beliefs and unwaveringly faithful to the Magisterium and the Holy See. Traditionalist, perhaps? I am not a Catholic theologian, so I’ll let others more qualified give you a real definition. This is how I see myself.

In terms of “what is a conservative Catholic”, I’d rather avoid the term. I try to be an orthodox, practicing Catholic, in union with Pope Francis and my bishop. I know people who say they are conservative or traditionalist, in the sense of rejecting Vatican II. Other people in the 1800’s called themselves “Old Catholics”, rejecting the Magisterium in their generation. There were other groups before that, and will be others in the future.
The terms liberal and conservative are misleading when taken from politics, and applied to Christianity. I have opinions about many discretionary subjects, on politics, economics, and other matters, that could be classified as liberal or conservative. Your opinion is as good as mine. I object to people using the parish church to promote opinions on discretionary matters, even if I sometimes agree with those opinions. My former parish allowed people to use the parish to push any opinions they wanted; one time at Mass they pushed an announcement urging voters in the school district to vote “Yes” on a special ballot to raise taxes to fund the restoration of German instruction in the public high school, which had been cut due to budget problems. Every week there was another opinion. The parish also allowed prolifers to mention, one week, that abortion is also a concern - every group, every opinion got equal time at the microphone. The parish eventually closed.

So basically a conservative Catholic is one who adheres to the teaching of the church-in short they are Catholic!

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