"Conservative" police chief calls for murdering Democrats

No call for that!!!


But the Democrats are putting together a list! Surely it evens out.



Just another right wing terrorist police chief. There is a trend in these small towns, flyover land with racist cops. The great thing about Facebook et al kicking them off is they are all now going to Parler where they run their racist views in full glory. Which also means they will eventually finally be exposed for the hate filled people they are.

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Are there still sundown towns in this day and age?

of course. it’s just very subtle and less overt

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I was once told to avoid road trips, especially long road trips because I could end up in a sundown town.

I’m not white so I could put myself in danger.

Happened when I lived in Indiana.

That’s interesting, I’ve been retired quite a few years now but black people who I worked with told me it’s common knowledge among black people of a certain town in Central Florida where, if you were black, you would not want to be after sundown.

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It was also common knowledge among my black colleagues at work to avoid traveling through Missouri without bail money with you.

This was back in 2017.

Oh yes there is.

There is still one town here that has a signs at town limits. “No N*******”.

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My wife, (retired nurse) told me of a black nurse friend she worked with that she and her husband had their car break down in a small town here in North Florida. I happened it was on a Sunday by a small church, one of the churchgoers had come from the church and offered to help them get their car started, which he did. He told them the reason was he didn’t want them stranded in that town as it would not be safe for them.

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A friend of mine was getting gas in a small Texas town. He was warned by a passerby not to stick around after dark. He could get beat up.

My friend was white though but he had California license plates.

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One State in the Top Ten really surprised me.

Just said to someone “did you know there’s still sundown towns?” After explaining what one is, they responded “well there’s places where it’s not safe to be white after dark!”


There is a ward in New Orleans that Cops don’t go into after sundown. I used to know what it was when I lived in Louisiana.

We call them feral areas in Detroit. I just found the shrugging off of violence and hatred disturbing.

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Yeah, but were these towns where whites aren’t safe, have these racial restrictions made into law?

Where there non white police officers waiting to arrest any white people who were there after dark?

I doubt it.

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Never heard of that, but try being a white person walking in north St. Louis after dark.

Oh I agree. I’m just saying I found the shrugging off of the issue alarming. Sadly I’ve seen similar mindsets among different people.

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