Conservative Protestants less likely to abort than Catholics

Despite the absence of a link between personal religious devotion and abortion, religious affiliation did have some important influence. Adamczyk found that conservative Protestants were the least likely to report having an abortion, less likely than mainline Protestants, Catholics and women with non-Christian religious affiliations.

Regarding the impact of the religious involvement of a woman’s peers, Adamczyk found no significant influence. However, Adamczyk did find that women who attended school with conservative Protestants were more likely to decide to keep their baby if pregnant in their 20s than during their teen years.

“The values of conservative Protestant classmates seem to have an abortion limiting effect on women in their 20s, but not in their teens, presumably because the educational and economic costs of motherhood are reduced as young women grow older,” Adamczyk said.

Good for them :thumbsup:

(not so good for us… :()

Sadly, I must agree that this matches my own rather unscientific personal observation and experience.

Well to be fair it does say there is no linkage to personal devotion. The adjutive “conservative” means that protestant is more likely to go to church and believe the Bible as written without the filters a political liberal will put on it. So yes a “conservative protestant” on this and many more issues will be in line with the Bible more so then a Catholic who last went to church to have the warm up to the real party and let the Priest baptized their child.

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