"Conservative" vs. "Orthodox" Catholic and how to know the difference?


What does it mean to be a conservative Catholic (not American).

(This is not about the Republican vs Democratic party or politics per se — but maybe church “politics”)

And how does this differ from orthodoxy?

Can someone give an example?

For example, take Catholic media/news sources. There are plenty who seem otherwise “orthodox,” technically there is no heresy. However, they seem conservative. I can’t quite point out what this actually means, and how it would be different from a “non-conservative” perspective. For example, many Catholics who are not fans of Pope Francis, but who are generally orthodox, would seem to be “conservative” by my reckoning. Yet, you can still be orthodox and favor Pope Francis.

SO what are some good ways of expressing what it means to be “conservative” Catholic?

Take EWTN. That’s orthodox. But is it more on the “conservative” side?


It doesn’t mean anything.

There is no such thing. Catholic is Catholic.


Conservative and liberal are political terms not applicable to the Church. The word orthodox simply means fidelity to the Church’s apostolic teachings.


I’m closer to “conservative” and I love Pope Francis. As @Paulfromiowa pointed out, these are political terms.


“Conservative Catholics” in USA are persons who are Catholic and who are also politically conservative in terms of which politicians, parties, platforms they support and who they vote for.

The term denotes the political posture of a particular Catholic. That’s all it denotes.

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