Conservatives start to whisper "President Pence"

How conservatives would love that! Liberals, however, not so much, despite their distaste for Trump.

Nothing like a completely biased story from another liberal rag!

Would you have a problem with Pence as President? I think liberals would find him much easier to stomach, yet he would still press forward with a conservative agenda…so seems like a win win considering the current situation.

I voted for Trump/Pence not Pence/some other guy

A devout Christian man who has self-control as the next President of the ‘Free’ World? I’m in favour of that.

‘Liberals’ won’t find him easier to stomach because he actually believes in a conservative agenda not because he needs a political base. I suspect they’ll hate him more than Trump and will smear Pence. Unlike Trump, Pence will weather it thanks to his calm and restrained behaviour.

At least Pence is a regular level headed republican. I don’t think he tweets. :smiley:

Yeah, this is a poor attempt at deceiving people. They will go after Pence just as hard if not harder if for some magical reason they succeed in bringing Trump down. Do not trust the left!

I’m shouting president pence!!!
President pence 2024!!!

Why wait so long? Better sooner than later.

I’ll shout with ya! Pence 2024!

Trump is getting a raw deal right now with all this fake news and the insults. I want him to fight against this orchestrated machine against him. Any other Republican would have tucked tail and ran already!

Exactly! This is why Trump won. He was the only one who had the backbone to stand up to this orchestrated machine. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz would have already buckled under the stress.


I did have hope for Cruz and Rubio but perhaps they would have ‘tucked tail’.

That is why it is so important for Trump to succeed and show the next group of Republican hopefuls (and non Progressive Democrats) how to stand up for the people and against the swamp.

Considering the trouble that followed GWB, there is no way that a nonliberal would follow eight years of Trump.


Maybe he hasn’t noticed, but his own staff are the source of some of it, if what I read reflected what they said.

Hitler did actually have weapons of mass destruction.

Perhaps they wouldn’t have cared to discuss with my late mother why she didn’t see her brother after she was 16 and he was 12, or why she didn’t tell us she had a brother.

To the White House, the real world starts 5,000 miles east.

At best all you are getting from that crew are a few token sops. In two or three years time, the screws will be down on you all.

Trump = Clinton Phase 2. Her administration was bristling with people able to advise her how to put her e-mail usage right at an early stage. Because she played along with whatever was intended (giving her “opponent” ammunition), she will be adequately rewarded (getting into the White House herself would have been merely icing on her cake).

Perhaps they wouldn’t have cared.

I’ve been whispering that since before the election.

The pro-life movement doesn’t need “backbone.” The pro-life movement needs LEGIT pro-life conservatives (not people who joke about sexually assaulting women and dodging STD’s/STI’s) with verifiable accomplishments protecting the right to life of the unborn, and Bush, Rubio, Cruz – and Kasich – all meet that criteria, as does VP Pence. President Pence would be a great answer to a lot of peoples’ prayers and could restore some respectability to our democratic republic.

The only “raw deal” Trump is getting is the one he has created for himself–with help from the incompetents who surround him.

Exactly. If, God forbid, there are eight years of a Trump presidency, 2024 will result in a landslide victory for the Democrats. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Trump presidency is over after eight months.

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