Conservatives updating the Bible?!?!?!

Saw this and went… WHAT?!:eek:|main|dl4|link6|

The Anchoress blog had a good run down on this yesterday:

Thanks for the link!

I’m confused… what are they actually trying to do? I am all for a traditional-- if that’s what conservative means-- bible. I was trying to pick out a good first bible for my daughter and saw a really cute pink picture book bible. Big problem-- every page said God was a She! They changed the Our Father prayer to say Our “Mother” in Heaven! Needless to say I didn’t purchase that one.

Do these people really have nothing better to do?

Thanks for the link. LOVED Mark Shea’s comment.

This is different from “she” bibles in what way?

I’ll just stick to my Douay-Rheims thank you very much.

I don’t think they are rewriting the bible as stated but they have taking the liberal translation and the original bible translation and are trying to clear up the meaning of some of the words bringing them back to their original intent.

As a catholic, we often read and then seek proper translation and I think that is the correct way to go but other religion don’t do that. There have been many, many bible translation which have acted to confuse more readers than bring understanding.


So… basically, the translation rigor of the LOLCat Bible, but with none of the humour. Great. :rolleyes:

Well said, Gam. Having downloaded around two dozen versions of the Bible on E-Sword, I’ve been comparing the various English translations, and quite frankly, some of these things are a mess. Henceforth, I’ve decided to learn the Latin Vulgate, which I will then use to help understand the Greek, which in turn, the Hebrew.

Trying to go from Hebrew to English with no intermediary language is crazy since on Hebrew word can have over 10 different meanings in English.

Politically, its a bizarre thing to do. For the conservapedia folks, who are quite far to the right, its a tacit admission that their world view doesn’t work Biblically (I’m not trying to indict all conservatives here, by any stretch, but the specific ideology of the Conservapedia crowd). That’s why they feel the need to change the Bible.

Theologically, their thought process is so poor its almost hilarious. Replace Pharisees with “liberals”? That shows a stunning lack of knowledge about who the Pharisees were; its used as a proper noun for a reason. The Logos-truth-instead-of-word disaster is another example of how little real scholarship, rather than ideological tampering, is going into this thing.

Methodologically, its just as bad. Every now and then, they’ll go back to the original Hebrew, but half the time, they’re just rewording the original King James Bible. That would be awful if they were using the very best translation available, because even that would be piling distortion on top of distortion, but the original King James has its own problems (I thought Andrew Schafly was Catholic?).

Finally, a wiki-Bible translation is an awful idea.

Its just a mess on every possible level.

I think we have enough translations of the Bible. There’s even an ebonics translation in print called the “Black Bible Chronicles”! :rolleyes:

There is also a translation of Scripture into modern street slang. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but it’s similar to the ebonics one. Srsly.

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