Conservatives will address rural poverty: Segal

Conservatives will address rural poverty: Segal

The Conservatives will address the needs of the two million rural Canadians who are living in poverty, promised Senator Hugh Segal.

Segal, an advisor to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said Monday at a policy conference in Regina that too many people live in rural Canada without adequate shelter, food or access to medical and social services…

“If the sector is not important enough to warrant more financial support, let the market process take its course and we will have fewer farm families with less grain and oilseed production,” [Agriculture economics professor Hartley] Furtan writes in his policy paper entitled Whither Goes Prairie Agriculture…

In 2003, the average farm household market income for business-focused farms was $27,000. When off-farm income is subtracted, farm income is negative, Furtan said. That also doesn’t account for the depreciation of land and equipment and the cost of family labour on the farm.

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