Considering a switch......HELP!


So I have come to the realization that I have climbed as far as I can go in my current job/company. So I started looking for a new job just to see whats out there…I was offered a managment position in a christian retail store (not catholic just non specific christian but they do carry a few catholic items)

So here is my problem…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my current boss, she is the best and I don’t think i could ever find someone to work for that as nice as she is.

BUT if i stay where i am I have maxed out my pay and climbed as far as i can go I.E. NO promotions or raises…EVER :frowning:

This christian company has oppertunitty for growth and pays just as well (possibly a few dollars more)

here are my concerns…

what if i don’t like my boss???

will it be wierd working in a christian environment that is not specifically catholic???

is $3 more an hour worth switching jobs???

i don’t know what to do…my husband and I are trying to save for a house so more money would be better but I’m just not sure what to do ADVICE IS NEEDED!!!


Ask God for guidance with this. I love my job, I love what I do and I get on very well with my boss and the team I work for. My problem is also money and there is room for progress but on a 5 year performance based contract. The only problem I have is what happens after 5 years I will have to find employment somewhere else. So I go through the process of looking for a job but don’t really want to go so I stay.

You are been given an opportunity to grow by going to work in this Christian Retail Store does not mean that you have to give up or change your religion so I don’t see anything wrong with you going to work there. You are in a comfort zone right now and you cannot stay because you are comfortable. Sometimes you need to grow. With my job because it is a Government Job you are gauranteed security. It offers lots of benefits which helps me and I have been told that I should look for a job with in the Government and they will offer me the money to stay. If your bosses is prepared to make a counter offer to keep you then go for it.

Money is also not important but growth is so if you are going to become stagnent and not go anywhere then there is no point in you stay take the step. But pray about it and ask God for guidance.


I too am “maxed out.” But I transferred into this job knowing that. While I could move, I’ve chosen not to, so far, because of two things. The manager and the team are wonderful people to work with. And they are very appreciative of what I do although it’s not the type of work I enjoy.

Questions to you:
Do you need the money you will get from moving up?
Will changing jobs help you grow as a person?
Bosses come and go. If you do or do not like the person you work for, that will change over time. Do you think you need to learn to get along with people that are not as nice as your present boss?
Are you happy where you are?
Do you feel challenged?

I’ve changed “jobs” within the same company many times for many years. And it helped me become a better person and better employee. It was generally with great people as my superiors, but not always. I was comfortable in my old job. I did it for 10 years. It was fun and exciting and I could do it in my sleep. But when it went away, I found out just how much I missed learning by not doing something else more often. It’s scary, but growing always is.

Good luck!


There’s more to a job than money. Talk to your current boss and let her know that you have been approached. I left a job I loved for a promotion and hated the new job. I talked to my old boss and he was able to match the pay. I wish I had talked to him first.


I soooo know what you are going through! I am in a similiar boat, but my problem is that I didn’t get what I thought was an automatic raise last year.

I enrolled my dd in private HS because of that raise and when my anniversary came up the boss(CEO) broke it to me that my raise was contingent upon our president making a certain project profitable. Well, he hasn’t…:frowning: and I didn’t get my raise last year. Now we are coming up on my anniversary again and he still hasn’t broken into the US market… our overseas seems to be doing well, but he was brought to the US to get the US market going, which seems to be all wrapped up in government contracts and such, so no progress.

On the up side, I came clean with the boss about my daughters tuition and he helped out with it. Now, I am facing a tuition hike on next years tuition… So yesterday I had a talk with him again. :frowning: He hasn’t given me an answer yet, but he asked me to email his wife to remind him to talk to her about it.

So, whether I get my raise or not, I am hoping that he will at least set up a scholarship for her. This is why I can’t leave… Catholic boss… understands want/need to go to mass or appointments to talk to pastor, Holy Days we all go to mass together. On the upside… the money for dd’s tuition is not a part of my pay, he donates it out of a trust…so I am not taxed on it. On the downside, I HATE asking for money!!! I would rather be in control of my own finances. This year so far, I have had quite a year for medical… broke my leg in March on company property so he covered it all, then in May I had a miscarriage and I am just now getting all the bills…so far we are up to $9500. On top of that, my dog is currently in the vet hospital and my son had ankle surgery in April and a concussion in May…more $$$$$$ that I don’t have!

I can’t really quit this job at the moment because of all this and he financed a car for us (payroll deduction over 1 year) and I have a company car too. If I were to quit I would have to return 1 car and pay the other one off within a month, which I can’t do. Not to mention the time off to attend Catholic events either at dd’s school or in the diocese.

So I have another solution… I plan to get a second job part-time and work evenings or weekends at that job. This way depending on where I work, if I do retail, i can get a discount at that store… I am thinking Lowes, Home Depot, or one of them so I can get cheap home improvement supplies too. My boss has a habit of calling me anytime day or night or on Holidays for things, he won’t like it too much that I can’t talk to him while I work another job. If he wants me all to himself, he will find a way to give me the raise. He has been known to do this in the past…

I can’t complain too much… the boss is a very generous man with everything except pay. He really is! I have access to fresh eggs from their farm, free stays at their guest house when my AC broke, interest free loans for vehicles, best prices on vehicles (we send one of our workers to auto auctions), his wife cooked and brought us food when I broke my leg and when I had the miscarriage, discounts on local hotel rooms, etc… The only thing is… sometimes you just need ca$h… know what I mean???


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