Considering conversion to Eastern Catholicism

Although I never officially took my vows in the Orthodox Church or my Shahada in Islam, I’m considering conversion to Melkite Catholicism, I’m from a middle eastern background anyway.


Wonderful! Please follow this call by all means!

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Are there reasons why you would choose the Melkites over the Antiochians? (just curious :slight_smile: )

What do you mean by Antiochians?

I think I’d convert if I had easy access to Melkite Catholicism. As I see it, it isn’t a very big deal. You’re not changing faiths; you’re only changing from one rite to another. You’d still be part of the RCC. But I guess you know that.

In my case I’m changing faith.

The Antiochian Orthodox Church. The Melkite Catholic Church is it’s equivalent in Catholicism. Both are of middle eastern origin. I guess my question is, why do you consider Catholicism over Orthodoxy? (I am Eastern Catholic, I just am always curious of others’ conversion stories :slight_smile: )

I thought by Antiochians you meant the Syriacs, I’m still not sure if I’m willing to convert to Eastern Catholicism, but the Antiochian Greek Orthodox Church feels isolated in some way and more distant from the people, the patriarch also seems to be in between the conflict between the Russian Patriarch and Patriarch of Constantinople. Another fun fact which made me prefer the Melkite Church was that it has always had a native Syrian Patriarch while it’d orthodox counterpart had Greek Patriarchs and Bishops until recently.

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yes, that is discouraging for converts :frowning:

Also the Lebanese side of my family was previously Melkite Catholic before their eventual conversion to Sunni Islam.

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All the more reason to choose the Melkites I suppose :slight_smile: You are in my prayers :pray:

The Maronite patriarchs are native Lebanese. Ours is currently a Cardinal, too.

Maronites are too Latinized in my opinion.

The Church is not a segregated club my friend.

Never claimed it was.

I know, but sometimes people think like that and avoid the Roman Church and so on.

So will you when you become Catholic :slight_smile:

Possibly, I don’t know for sure yet.

Where do you live?


I had never heard of different types of Catholicism before ! Wow! I’d love to learn more

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