Considering Eastern/Byzantine Catholicism

I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian and I love the Orthodox Church and the traditions therein, but I have been considering checking out my local Byzantine Catholic parish and possibly one day becoming Byzantine Catholic.

Why? Well, I feel it’s the best of both worlds. I can still be “Orthodox” while at the same time be in communion with all of Rome (the Pope and the entire Roman Catholic Church). Lately, I have been feeling a need to come into communion with Rome and I want to “bridge the gap” between myself and my fellow Catholics and quit being a separatist.

I’m tired of the division and would like to come into communion with the greater part of Christendom. Now, so far this is just a thought of mine and it will take some time to talk to not only my priest but also an Eastern Catholic priest to see if this really is the right move. I have no idea what to expect at this point. Any thoughts on the matter?


If you are Russian Orthodox or Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox, and enter the Byzantine Catholic Church, you’ll be doing the reverse trip that Alexis Toth did at the dawn of the 20th Century.

Catholics are not supposed to proselytize. However if you decided to join an Eastern Catholic parish it only takes a profession of faith to the priest and you would be ascribed to the sui iuris Catholic church closest to one of your Orthodox baptism. Normally this means the Orthodox church of your father, provided that your father was Orthodox. If you became Orthodox after first being baptized in another tradition then that must be used to determine the sui iuris Church. Nevertheless you will be able to attend any Catholic parish, Latin or eastern.

I see. Yeah, now that I have had a night to think it over and talk with my priest, I am going to remain Orthodox but just be more receptive to my Catholic brothers and sisters from here on out. I don’t think there is any reason to condemn my brethren in Christ, which unfortunately is something I have done lately and I just feel I am in the wrong.

I may not be in communion with Rome but I can definitely be a brother in Christ to all Roman Catholics. My priest even stated that it is better, especially nowadays, to not make any unnecessary enemies and that we need to come together as Christians, all of us.

Thanks for the replies anyway!

In Christ +


You have a wise priest, you are blessed. My husband and I met with virulent anti-Catholic attitudes in Orthodoxy. Most virulent were former Catholics. So much so we ended up Eastern Catholic.

The Russian Orthodox church members were much more Christian and welcoming than the other jurisdictions. We still visit for vigils.

In fact, the Catholic Church offers the Eucharist to Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christians.

But there is very limited reciprocity from the Orthodox. moreover, reception of the mysteries by an Orthodox Christian in Catholic Church is forbidden by the Orthodox.

Yes, this is true and I do not necessarily agree with it. I would say, however, that on the ground level it doesn’t always play out this way. I am sure that if I partook of communion in a Catholic Church, my priest wouldn’t bat an eye. Maybe another Orthodox priest would though. Now I will say yes, if a Catholic Christian approached the chalice at our church and stated he was Catholic, my priest would have to refuse to offer him the Gifts simply because he has to follow what is laid down by our bishop. I don’t think he would personally be in full agreement with it though. At the parish level, you get a lot of diversity on various subjects. I personally love Orthodoxy because the Eastern ethos is just ingrained in me, but I don’t always agree with every single point on all matters. Like I said in the original post, Byzantine Catholicism would probably be a good compromise for someone like me, but I just love my parish and my fellow Orthodox Christians too much to leave lol.

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I have an uncle from Greece (living in the US for decades) who wife died a few months ago. Their Greek Orthodox priest was a super guy and very kind to all of us non-Orthodox folks. Granted, we didn’t have a Eucharistic liturgy, just the funeral rite, but the “ground level” seemed to be pretty warm there.

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This is quite true. We’ve had several Orthodox people attend our Liturgy over the years and about half of them do come up to receive.

Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you and if you do come into full communion with Rome Welcome Home.

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Thus nudge within you is of the Holy Ghost. I would encourage you to follow it. God, as well as I and many others would be overjoyed at your coming into full communion with Rome. I’ll pray for you on your journey


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