Considering switching to skirts...few questions!


Hi everyone,

I’m a 20-year-old college girl, and I’m considering switching primarily to skirts, as a kind of personal devotional type-thing.

There’s a couple of reasons for this…one, as a college kid, everyone I know wears jeans and a hoodie every day, to the point where it’s no longer possible sometimes to tell if a person’s male or female. Also, I just like the idea of dressing more feminine.

It’s also a modesty issue. I’m 6’3", and all of that is leg, pretty much. This is another reason–even in loose jeans, having legs like mine that visible does cause problems. It definitely gets me a lot more attention from the opposite sex than I would like, and I’ve never been comfortable with the salacious comments, etc.

So, I have a few questions, especially with putting together everyday-type outfits with skirts, and also where other skirt-wearers find modest skirts, because at the places where I get my basics, like American Eagle, their skirts on me look more like a wide belt. What constitutes a modest skirt for women, anyway?

Thanks in advance for all the help!!!


You’ll get lots of opinions about what defines modest, so be prepared.

I’m 5’ 10", shorter than you, but taller than average. I like Land’s End and Eddie Bauer because the styles are classic and the skirts (and slacks) come in tall sizes. You can find them on e-bay if $$ is an issue. —KCT


Well, until recently, I was pretty much a jeans/slacks wearing mom. And then I read a book Called Dressing with Dignity by Colleen Hammond (and I think she has a website in her name). It was quite interesting and totally changed my whole opinion of how a woman should dress and more importantly WHY she should dress modestly.

I now wear skirts all the time, including at home, unless I am doing some form of work that would make it difficult to complete in a skirt. And then I wear loose fitting pants. I am 5’8" and I wear skirts that come to my mid-calf or longer. Straight, flowy, it does not matter.

I am also careful that my tops are not too revealing either. That view is reserved for my hubby.

Peace be with you.

#4 has a lot of things for talls. It’s not exactly high end but they have basics.

You don’t need to make the change in a day. I remember a hundred years ago, when I was in college, there was a girl on my floor, who pretty much wore the same thing every day. She was the best dressed, best looking girl in the dorm: Crisp white long-sleeved shirts with the collar snapped up. Black knee-length skirt with a good black leather belt, black tights, and sturdy, low-heeled, black pumps.

Putting together outfits with skirts is the same as for slacks. If you have a nice waistline, use it. That’s heresy to the big-time modesty gurus but I say that a good belt finishes an outfit.

I favor calf-length skirts but at your age (especially with tights) a knee-length skirt is not immodest. Good luck with this.


I wore skirts a lot in college. Mostly at the time it was a fashion thing. Since winter is coming, you’ll probably want to find a good low-heeled knee height boot that you can walk in. And at your height a source for tights will be important too! If you get a couple of plain calf length skirts you can wear them with the same tops you have now. Maybe the knit a-line ones from Land’s End. Try your local thrift store too. You may find some ‘peasant’ style skirts that were ankle length for the original owner. Those can be worn with a slip or petticoat in the winter. A-line or wrap style (with a generous wrap) are REALLY easy to sew. You could try your hand at that also.


I like Christopher & Banks (they’re at most of the malls around here). They have lots of calf-length skirts.


They appear to have some in tall.


You are as tall as my son’s girlfriend. He is almost 6’3" and if they ever get married, they will raise a basketball team.:slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t like to wear skirts. I simply find them too inconvenient for all the activities I like to do, but if you want to wear them as a gesture of modesty then good for you. I work on a college campus and the things I see…

I will be so happy when low rider jeans go out of style and when saggy pants for men go out of style as well.


I’m sticking with pants. My wife hates it when I wear skirts.


I married my husband because he looked so sharp in his skirt – He’s Scottish!


I think the skirt idea is a wonderful idea.:thumbsup: I would love to see girls wearing more modest clothing. They don’t seem to have enough respect for themselves by wearing things that only attract the wrong kind of attention. The skirt of course needs to be a length that promotes dignity and respect rather than the short or tight version:eek: .
This is a link to a site with alot of suggestions.


Call me a heretic, but for my money Colleen Hammond pushes this whole thing WAY beyond modest into frumpy, dumpy, and dowdy.

Mind you, I am not a cleavage-flaunting floozie. I belong to a confraternity that requires modesty, that allows no jewelry, no furs, and only solid colors in black, white, or earth tones, and blue (for Our Lady).

Two-thirds of the modesty game is played in the lingerie shop, starting with well-fitting bras. Never letting a bra strap show (EVER), and keeping your belly-button to yourself are starting points.


Maybe you need a Utilikilt. --KCT


AMEN!!! A good bra is the best thing to begin with.


I like long skirts that go to mid calf especially for the winter months. My knee length ones tend to ride up when i sit down.

I recently found a bunch at Kohls stories. I would suggest not to throw all your clothing away but just start purchasing new items slowly. It will save you money and help you easy into what looks good and comfortable. You don’t want to buy 3 of the same skirts in different colors and then relaize you don’t like the cut or way it wears.


thank you for posting this! :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about this a lot myself, actually. I recieved a skirt for my birthday, and I don’t wear skirts often. I feel so… graceless in them, unable to do anything… I am always tripping on them, stepping on them, closing them in doors … most inconvenient.

maybe part of it is that I won’t wear a skirt that doesn’t reach my ankles… I like 'em long if I like 'em at all…

some of those jean skirts looked okay, though…

I did wear the skirt I recieved for my birthday, I really actually like it… and despite constantly getting pulled back into the door that just closed on my skirt, or falling up the stairs, and whatnot… when I wasn’t being clumsiefied by the skirt-wearing, I did feel… more feminine and twirrelly and pretty… shrug

I’d like to be more comfortable with skirts… and jean skirts look like they’d go well on campus anywho… just like jeans… hmm… maybe…

let me know how it goes for you - maybe you’ll be encouragment for me! (not to get rid of pants altogether, goodness no, but maybe to wear a skirt once or twice a week or something like that… thinks)

Pax Christi,


If you don’t mind saving some money and can stand to wear non brand name clothes, I never have problem finding modest skirts and dresses at WalMart or at other cheap stores such as Value City. None of my skirts are above my knees, thats my personal choice. I’m 11 inches shorter than you, but my skirts aren’t boring and drab. They have color and I think I look nice. You don’t have to look immodest to look good, nor do you have to look boring and frumpy to dress modestly. Best of luck with this, its a good idea


I LOVE wearing skirts! But then again I’m a girly girl and have always loved skirts. I wear them more in the summer, it just gets way too cold here in Michigan in the winter and pants (dress trousers for work and jeans at home) are just a necessity. Otherwise it’s klunky boots with a skirt and I refuse to do that.

I find great skirts all over the place. Target has some wonderful casual skirts for summer in tons of patterns and fabrics, many many modest styles (and many many not so modest too, you just have to look). I also like TJMaxx - but that takes some patience and trying on a zillion things to find one or two.

I really like that denim skirt site someone posted - they have some great looks that I think would be perfect for getting around campus!

Good for you! :thumbsup:



My all-time favorite denim skirt is from Orvis. It has belt loops and POCKETS. It’s full enough not to restrict movement and the yoke eliminates bulk over the abdomen. That makes it easier to wear slim sweaters outside with a belt over them. I LOVE this skirt.


A friend gave me a copy of Fascinating Womanhood, which suggested (among other things) that women dressing in a more feminine way, skirts/dresses and fabric/color choices, could draw more gentlemanly behavior from the men around us. Interesting idea. I’ve also read A Return to Modesty and Dressing with Dignity, as someone else mentioned.

Since reading the first book, I moved mostly to skirts on a daily basis, home-sewn, elastic waist, pretty prints from the Rag Shop, now out of business. Frankly, they’re just more attractive on my pear-shaped figure than shorts or sweatpants. When I first sewed the skirts, I made them mid-calf, but at some point I felt dowdy/frumpy in them so I shortened them to just below the knee. Now it’s winter, I may regret that decision. Hmm. My other skirts are still mid-calf. My only ankle-length skirt makes me trip going up stairs and gets stuck in car doors. Sigh. But I really like the look of mid-calf length over boots. That could be cool for you.

For out of the house, church or “dressy” occasions I use store-bought skirts, from JCPenney’s
Notice the box asking you to specify desired length!

or from a nice button-down-the-front skirt, a cotton/poly knit elastic-waist skirt, and a pretty rayon floral pattern with matching sweater set. I’ve also seen T-shirt dresses that could be nice with a nice belt and jacket. I just looked and they don’t seem to have any skirts for sale at the moment. Maybe it’s the wrong season? I sure hope they haven’t discontinued carrying them forever.


I recently started making the switch myself. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find any skirts in my size in a style that was flattering (I am a plus size 5’3" and am very busty. Full skirts look better on me because they balance me out), so I am having my skirts made from some patterns I got.
The current trend of pencils skirts do nothing for me.
Good luck to you!

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