Consolation needed :(


So we are 9 months postpartum. My period returned 4 weeks after giving birth even though I tried to exclusively breastfeed all the time and I stayed at home with the baby. So since then I have been trying to track my period manually and checking my cm frequently as I was breastfeeding over night I often forgot to temp when I woke up to feed. It has been working for the past 9 months but I think it has thrown me off this month. I ovulated early and realized I had intercourse about 4 days before (My mistake I know for not following proper rules). I am still praying I am not pregnant haven’t tested yet and haven’t missed my period. The hubby isn’t working at the moment and worried how we will fare. However God knows best. Maybe just a heads up from all those who had babies 9 months pp. so I can keep positive should it be confirmed. I was working on getting a proper instructor but we couldn’t afford at the moment.


I will pray for you.


I pray God will give you peace of mind. For what it’s worth, I got pregnant 9 months postpartum, and having an 18-month-old and a newborn was definitely challenging…but doable. The pregnancy was definitely harder this time around, especially when I broke my feet at 14 weeks of gestation, but also manageable. And my lovely son (now 3 years old) is a wonderful gift.


God has wonderful plans for you! Trust is so hard, I know believe me. I am happy to pray for your family and your peace of mind.


My kids are two years apart. I really like having them close in age. I think it’s easier, because they use alot of the same stuff and have similar schedules. I remember it was difficult when my mom had babies when I was in middle school. She had to haul them everywhere we needed to go. It’s more convenient, I think, when they’re in the same “phases”.


Kay, praying for you and for your family.
I remember the challenges of three little preschoolers, 17 and 19 months apart. I was so tired and run down sometimes,
but precious times now, and three grown children who cherish the memories of all the loving care. “You were a good Mum, you always loved us”. May God console you with the just hope that someday you will hear those words from your adult children also.

In the meantime may the Lord abundantly bless you and your family in all your needs.


My sister and I are 18 months apart. While we are not super close now, as kids we were thick as thieves!


Thank you all. still wait to test. I will keep a positive outlook.


It’s definitely doable! If you are pregnant, make sure you take very good care of yourself during and after wards, and don’t be afraid to either just let go of some responsibilities or ask others to take them on. The better your physical and mental health, the better you will cope. Praying for you!


Thank you all for you prayers and advice. We weren’t pregnant. Trying to be more careful and do the right thing. I will say NFP is so hard:sob:. God bless you all.


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