Conspiracies and sin

So is belief in/extensive research in conspiracy theories a mortal sin? I’m curious because some of my friends seem to be into conspiracies quite a bit.

God Bless!!

It’s a conspiracy man! The government’s out to get us, man! :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, my stepmother works for FEMA as a director and my Dad’s a project manager in Virginia. I would have to say that while there are few conspiratorial-esque societies (Freemasons), others are just plain… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there:eek:. When Vatican II came out (And I didn’t know **** about Church politics when I found out) a movement of ‘traditionalist’ catholics began alongside a liberal movement that: supports gay marriage, approves of abortion and contraception, and promoted several other heretical doctrines, which were pointed at by the more radical traditionalists along with some others as these problems of modernism to be the result of Vatican II. One radtrad (Radical Traditionalist) said something along the lines 'The Council was infiltrated by Masonic and Communist Infiltrators). Some even said that St. John XXIII was a Mason allegedly. Of course, there’s no evidence for the last bit or about those involved in the Council to my knowledge. :shrug:
Those are my two cents

No; why would they be? Generally they are just a waste of time.

But be careful. Depending on the conspiracy, you can get your emotions wrapt in it quickly, and that can lead you to make irrational decisions - like wearing a tin foil hat, or taking Michael Voris seriously.

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