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9 11/ Jay Z and the devil/ Alex Jones. Stuff like that. I know that the Jay Z stuff is discussed more in the Protestant sects? I just wanted to know what people thought on this. My thoughts on this is ???:choocho: :whackadoo: :takeoff:

I usually don’t pay attention to that sort of thing. Try taking a trip through YouTube and you’re likely to get some more information.


Thats what I mean. I do take a trip (or vacation) through youtube and I see all this conspiracy theory stuff, and I wanted to know what other people think about this cause I know I am not the only person who watches it.

Right. They used to interest me, and from time to time I’ll go on a particular website that’s chocked full of NWO, Illuminati, Area 51, Poltergeists, etc, etc information. Some of the more diehard folks have made it their religion. I especially like to read the ones that say “A being told me something tragic would happen on this date.” type deals. Or “Obama is a reptillian!”

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never know these things while I’m on earth. So, I instead choose to learn everything I can about my faith. And if those things do exist, I’m sure God Almighty is well aware of them. If I make it to Heaven, I’m sure I’ll be able to understand all things more clearly.

Point is, while they are remotely entertaining/fascinating, I wouldn’t put too much stock in them.

That help?

As far as I’m concerned, they should be labelled “for entertainment purposes only.” How people get all caught up in that stuff, I can’t fathom.

:thumbsup: Good idea!

I’d answer you but how do I know that you’re not one of “Them” here to trick us into coming out in the open so you can abduct us at night and … Oh wait… I’ve said too much already…


I think conspiracy theories are a dangerous enemy of things like critical thinking.

This is a good essay:

“We the Sheeple? Why Conspiracy Theories Persist”
By Edward Feser
Sept. 20, 2006

What they don’t know is that all the conspiracy theories are fakes circulated to keep us from finding the real conspiracy. :smiley:

Darn! He’s on to us! :frowning:

Conspiracy theories tend to use a style known as ‘proof by intimidation’ or * argumentum verbosium*. Conspiracy theorists present an overwhelming amount of what they would call ‘evidence’ but it is usually speculative, unfounded and simply wrong. They present so much information that one can simply not attend every argument or piece of evidence and are overwhelmed by the continual arsenal of jargon that constantly flows. For example, 9/11 ‘truthers’ present the same tired old arguments which have been falsified in the hope that someone will be convinced by it.

This being said, rarely a conspiracy theory will turn out to be correct, but in this case you should have sufficient evidence, mechanism and the theory should be falsifiable.

One of the more bizarre forms they take on is the lack of evidence is evidence.

Regarding conspiracies in general of course they occur. The US federal government has jailed lots of people for conspiring. Any way you look at it the attacks on September 11th were a conspiracy - a group of people planned, trained and carried out an elaborate attack. The term conspiracy theory is simply applied to any theory that is not supported by the powers that be or the majority of people, who get their beliefs from the powers that be.

I know that men love worldly power and many will sell their souls for that power. That being so I have no doubt people plot ways to acquire power. They often use established organizations or institutions to achieve their goals for the obvious reason that you typically need lots of worker bees to achieve big goals.

Certain conspiracy theories are very kooky and I find wholly unbelievable. Others could be true but how would one really know they are true? Such are really just speculation. I approach the world by truly believing certain events certainly did take place. As for their explanation I’m more agnostic simply because I know I have very limited knowledge and I’m certainly not privy to people’s motivation which only they and God know. Regarding things like Jay Z I would say avoiding his music is good even if there is no such thing as the (modern) Illuminati.

Sometimes I suspect their real goal is to trick anti-theorists into spending a lot of time debunking their theories, for it takes a lot more research to prove something is wrong than actually to make the charge of conspiracy in the first place. Here is a good example . It is a lengthy analysis in response to the 9/11 Truthers who did no research; they just made charges. In any tragic incident, there will be observations that just cannot be explained, and conspiracy theorists latch onto these as proof of a conspiracy. That’s what I meant by the lack of proof becomes proof. Feser’s thesis is the idea that conspiracy theorists are those folks with a tendency to defy authority. Since a lot of them seem to hate Bush, this seems plausible. How about a conspiracy theory about what is a conspiracy theorist? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Nø, they can’t.”

I used to be a big fan of David Icke, until I found out that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were rubbish (see Alex Jones’ website is rubbish. It’s the very last website I look at on any given day.

I like this website:
Conspiracy theories covered include Titanic conspiracy theories, the sex life of Adolf Hitler, the transvestism of J. Edgar Hoover, the U.S. plan to conquer Canada, the prospects for a coup in Greece, Michael Jackson conspiracy theories, what’s really in the Kama Sutra, an unflattering critique of the U.S. military, and the coups that were planned for the United States in 1933 and the United Kingdom in 1975.

I have a Baptist friend who is into conspiracy theories big time.

The last time we visited she showed me a Youtube clip that claimed Prince William is the anti-Christ and the son of the Devil.

Prior to that she showed me a film clip that claimed the Pope is the anti-Christ reborn. Yes, she does know that we are serious Catholics. :confused:

I was furious that she would insult my faith that way but my other half says to tread softly because she truly feels like we are doomed to Hell and on the wrong path.

Something has changed in the past few months though, she has expressed an interest in joining a Catholic pilgrimage with us to the Holy Land.

As you said, there are conspiracies, both against governments and by governments. We routinely see reports of terror attacks, and they are usually the result of conspiracies. A bunch of Jihadists get together and plan an attack for example. That’s a conspiracy.

When a black banned government seeks to use underhand methods to get what it wants, that’s a conspiracy. When a couple of people in a company get together to get rid of another co-worker the don’t like, that’s a conspiracy.

So they occur. However I don’t take much notice of the Youtube variety, since most of the stuff on the net is outlandish. And I don’t even know who *Jay Z *is.

However I do remember my old, conservative, wise, prophetic pastor saying that he thought the Illuminati were “alive and well”, and he wasn’t much into conspiracy or end-times theories. In fact, he used to cop a share of Protestant alarmism from time to time from members of his own congregation, but his comment to me was “Whenever I try to track these things down, I find they usually just fizzle out into nothing.”

I’m afraid I developed an enormous respect for his insight and wisdom, so based on his statement, I suspect somewhere there is a cabal of high powered and / or wealthy individuals plotting to seize power. If there’s anything in the sense of a personal anti-Christ, then there would necessarily have to be a conspiracy leading up to it. He couldn’t do it alone.

But we’re hardly likely to hear about it. If the CIA had trouble just keeping the old KGB in check, we’re not likely to be privy to those sorts of deals. And that’s another reason I don’t take much notice of conspiracy theories - unless the theorists can afford to employ an intelligence army, where’s their proof?

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