Constant dreaming of sin?

I used to have an issue with masturbation a lot. I stopped a bit before I entered RCIA, upon learning that it was wrong. That was about 3 years ago. Well, the problem is now I’m having CONSTANT dreams of it. I’ll wake up realizing I spent the entire night dreaming about getting off. It’s at the point where it’s really starting to be distressing and interrupting my sleep. And I get scared sometimes because I’ll remember doing it and I’m not sure if I was awake and did it or if I dreamed it.

I don’t generally struggle with lust or temptation outside of this one area. I’m not picturing anyone that I’m lusting after and I don’t find myself tempted outside dealing with people. It’s just this one thing.

I’ve always been prone to very vivid dreams but never on such a subject. I’m not sure what to do anymore - any advice would be appreciated!

Hello, SilverDragon!

Congratulations on coming to the Catholic Church! I hope you are enjoying the graces and blessings God is now giving you. I applaud you with your desire to get more information about this area of your life. First, know that many men (and some women) are faced with this problem as well. This is a difficult problem to encounter, but a problem that can be overcome of course (our God can move mountains!). Second, I would say that it is good you are posting about these dreams because it shows me that you have a true fear of the Lord, in that you have a desire to please Him and follow in His commands. Masturbation is a serious problem and to know this is good. Third, I think having these dreams are a common occurrence. Usually people dream about the things that take up their emotional space throughout the day. Masturbation is a difficult problem to overcome so it makes sense that you think about it during the day and you think about how to constantly turn from it.

Remember, our enemy, the devil, prowls around all day and does not rest. We must always be on guard. He will even try to aggravate us in our sleep. Sometimes God allows it but we have to remember that overcoming trials and tribulations and temptations is for our good. If we succeed in overcoming the temptations, it is for our benefit and we will move closer to God. God gives us time to battle and He applauds us and cheers us on in battling. Also, remember St. Michael the Archangel and all the angels and saints are with us and for us and the good that is in God and the angels far, far outweighs any kind of evil forces.

I think the issue here perhaps is meditating on the word of God before you fall asleep. Can you read a few verses right before bed? Even praying the Holy Rosary before sleep is a great idea, or sleeping with a Rosary in your hand. Just know that this is a common experience, but be assured you are doing a good job in turning from your temptations. You have a fear of the Lord, and you afraid to stumble. Keep giving the Lord your temptations, your trials, and all that you are! Live boldly for the Lord! Our Savior Jesus Christ was faced with the same temptations and each time He was tempted He countered that temptation with the word of God.

May the peace of Christ be with you!

I’ve tried everything, praying before bed and everything. It’s been three years since I indulged and yet the dreams are stronger and stronger as time goes on.

The thing is I never seem to think of it during the day, or have any real struggle with lustful thoughts at all. During the day I’m perfectly happy being a single gal, and most sexuality is in fact a turnoff. I’ve never even been strongly interested in or attracted to another person.

But at night, the dreams are just torturing me, keeping me up to the point where I can’t sleep. I’m actually starting to suffer from it during the day because I’m not well rested due to the dreams. I’m waking up strongly aroused from images that I find absolutely depraved in my waking moments. I don’t feel like there’s anywhere I can turn. I don’t feel comfortable admitting it in person because the only people I hear ever talk about it are men, and I can’t take it to a doctor or therapist because there aren’t any Catholic ones in my area.

St. Augustine was impure before his conversion. In the beginning of his conversion his dreams were very effected by his previous life. Just hang in there and try very hard to keep your heart pure and your soul spotless for Jesus. Keep from near occasions of sin, pray ceaselessly, fast, do spiritual reading, keep busy, practice custody of the eyes, etc… God bless you.

I think this is what’s confusing me. It’s just such a contrast. I can stare at an attractive man and feel nothing at all, even if he’s perfectly buff and wearing nothing but a speedo. Same thing with a woman, she could be a supermodel in a bikini and I would feel nothing in terms of arousal. I literally don’t seem to be much attracted to people, I hear my friends obsessing over sex and dating and it just seems silly to me.

My dreams just seem so divorced from anything going on in my life. And the content of my dreams is absolutely disgusting, worse than what you could even make into porn legally, things that are outright repulsive to me and that I would never consider.

I am happy that you are living chastely – your dreams are only dreams and you disapprove of them. Good! You are never fully awake during these impure thoughts, right? … so mortal sin isn’t an issue here. It would only be an issue if you were fully awake during the impure thoughts. God bless you.

Not awake, no. But they are at the point…I am not sleeping well because of them. And I have nowhere to turn, all the medical/psych stuff just tells me to “release the tension.”

You have the Blessed Mary to turn to – ask her to make her intentions in this matter come true, and have 100% confidence in her. Please continue to reject and detest those dreams and put them completely out of your mind when you wake up*, never ever dwell on them*. You must try to forget all about them and treat them as a temptation/trial that our Lord is permitting for your sanctification. This is a trial, a cross that you must bear for the time being; patiently endure it with 100% confidence in Jesus and Mary to get you through this disgusting trial. As long as you detest those dreams, and patiently and lovingly suffer this cross for Jesus for as long as it takes, and turn to Him and to Mary for help with 100% confidence in Them – your faith, hope and charity will be able to grow, and you will be proving your love for God with every day you remain faithful to Him. Pray – it is a precept of our Lord – and go for walks. Both prayer and exercise will relieve tension. God bless you.

Hello again- The above poster is very right. Keep giving it to the Blessed Mother. I know it probably seems like a problem that has been going on for awhile but please keep on trying and pray for perseverance and wisdom so that you know the Lord’s will for your life, and specifically, for the wisdom to find the solution to this problem.

I agree with you in that most medical opinions may say to ‘release the tension’ and that is clearly wrong. However, perhaps there is a medical reason behind it? I will keep you in my prayers. Take courage- Jesus has overcome the world and through faith and hope and charity, you will too. Keep battling, my friend.

As brothers and sisters have pointed out, praying sincerely for God’s help is the best. It does not matter how long do you pray? Think very sincerely if you are really interested in going out of this issue. Talk to yourself very seriously. Then look at our Lord in your mind and sincerely ask for help.

Another tip, when I stopped this habit, I had almost every other day a dream that imitates masterbation or having sexual relationship…

God helped me with a solution that time.
The next day, I remember the dream that happened in the night and do not eat one or two meals. Fasting should be started from the morning itself. Or think about the dream and give out the most important and pleasing thing of your day. Also it is very important not to mortify yourself if you did not have the dream the night before.

So let us say, you had one or two dreams last night and you fast in the morning today… I am sure you will feel hungry… Then when you feel hungry think about the dream in a slightly detestful manner as much as possible.

You can alter the method after few attempts of fasting if you still have it…

In me, this had put a good change. After few such fasting, the next time when that dream came, imediately this fasting came into the picture and kicked the dream from its birth off.

Good wishes to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

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