Constant Prayer


In reading about lives of saints, I often read that they “prayed constantly”. I think I remember reading this about St Rita and St Jerome. Do you think that is literal or just used to show they prayed a lot or that in everything they did they thought about doing it for God?


I think it meant that in everything they did, they had God in their minds…but I 'm by no means a Catholic scholar:)


The closer a holy person gets to God, the more their life becomes a life of constant prayer. They devote specific times to prayer every day, to be sure, but they are not always “saying prayers.” They are constantly mindful of God’s presence, even when they are going about the normal duties of everyday life. God is their constant companion in whatever they do, and they do all with God and for God.

To get a better sense of this, you might want to read The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection .


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