Constant snow and harsh cold in the Northeast--a punishment for (or consequence of) grievous sin?


A theologian of sorts who broadcasts on WWCR (Brother Joe, from Kirkwood, NY) postulates that the reason the Northeast has, and is continuing to be hit by severe snowstorms and harsh temperatures is because it is point of origin for same-sex “marriage”, but, alas, most residents of this area are too oblivious or stiff-necked to see this. It seems plausible. After all, Galveston TX was hit by a hurricane back in 1900 that killed ca. 10,000 people. Only reason I can see for God allowing that was his displeasure over ill-treatment of blacks in the south, Jim Crow laws etc. Am I off base here?


Punishment? No. Consequences? Yes. These are sadly harsh courses of nature that have resulted from original sin.


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I would not say that. No.


Before human beings existed there were dinosaurs. They are now extinct.
The best plausible scientific explanation for that extinction is a catastrophic event such as a meteorite strike.
Point being, these events have been part of nature since before recorded history.

Who can know the will of God perfectly, so as to judge his punishment of others? Grievous sin and separation from God is it’s own heinous punishment, we don’t need to blame the workings of nature on God’s wrath.


No. Constant snow and harsh cold is a consequence of living in a part of the world where that happens. Just like living on the Gulf Coast and having to deal with hurricanes or living in California and having to deal with earthquakes.




So you’re saying that if we roll back gay rights, the Northeast will still be cold in the winter? And if Jim Crow laws and slavery had never happened, the gulf states would still have to worry about hurricanes? And even if abortion were legalized, California would still have earthquakes and wildfires???


Basically, yes. There were cold winters in the Northeast before there ever were gay rights (and before there every was a United States to have a Northeast. There were hurricanes coming in from the Gulf of Mexico before there ever were Gulf states. And the San Andreas Fault existed long before there ever was a state called California.


Shocking, isn’t it.

Punishment in this life isn’t that big of a concern to me. I worry about later.:wink:




The inconvenience and devastation of weather that bring out the best or worst in people.

We can allow it to bring out the best in us by offering up the inconvenience without complaining, and seeing which neighbors may need extra help in icy conditions. That is just one example.

A lot more can be done in the aftermath of a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or forest fires threatening homes.


No, of course not.

Just nature reminding us that we are not in Paradise, but in North America.



Don’t subscribe to any of this. And the “South” was a lot bigger than Galveston. And before you go after “Jim Crow laws” as a trigger for alleged divine punishment, you should read up on Servant of God Rev. Augustus Tolton, widely recognized as the first African-American Catholic priest – and what he went through at the hands of the Catholic establishment.


It could never be ruled out. After all, we all know that we have to make amends for the evil we have done, now or later. No one gets off the hook. But I doubt whether the N.E. is being singled out. It rains on the good and bad alike. They are probably being punished for voting for Obama twice and for keeping the liberals in office :D.





That’s like saying states in the South and Midwest get hit by tornados because they keep electing politicians who don’t care about the poor or working people. I suspect our petty politics matter little to the Almighty.


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Nah, its global warming :smiley:

We just need to figure out how to flatten those silly jet streams so they stay in Canada…



I live in Quebec. I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I just make sure I get my snow tires on by early November and keep 'em on until April :smiley:

Mind you I am a bit sick of it by now. It almost seemed as if my outdoor thermometer was broken, it was stuck on -20C all through February. It has been a cold one. We’ve had colder, but this one really lasted. I can hardly wait to get my road bike out.


I own a bike shop and it seems like this winter hell has frozen over. Only those with fatbikes are happy.

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