Constantine (KEANU REEVES)

I know its old but this was a odd movie. I know one cant look to Hollywood to get anything right, but was wondering from a Catholic view was* anything *right? I guess it bugged me the part about the angel being basically a jerk. Im not even asking about the voodoo part, :rolleyes: just the other bits.

Aw, man! With Keanu Reeves in caps I thought it was going to be about him. You can’t imagine my disappointment. :crying:

BTW I didn’t see the movie (I don’t think) so I can’t comment, sorry.

I’ve actualy seen the real spear that is in the movie. (Well the spear that the movie basis their one on) And its actually spot on when it comes to how the spear head looks. But thats where the similairties end. In the movie the was supposed to have belonged to the roman soldier who stab Jesus while he was on the cross. Butt he one in real life actually belonged to a roman general who was a Christian and when he wouldn’t bow down to the roman gods he was exucuted. Along with 300 hundred of his men, who also converted to Christianity and wouldnt bow down to their gods.
Anyway they made him a Saint. Saint maruice i think. I could be wrong.

C’mon, this flick was based on a comic book character who can visit hell by putting his feet in a pan of water! That being said, I love it and have seen it several times. They got this right, though:

“I don’t believe in the devil.”
“You should. He believes in you.”

I know I know :o aside from the yada yada bits :smiley:

but what about Gabriel the angel?

Obviously, the “Gabriel” is a semi-fallen angel: good intentions, bad execution.

The one obvious theological error in the movie: suicide means automatic damnation.

Gabriel does get one thing right: God wants our self-sacrifice. We can’t ‘work’ our way into heaven, unless that ‘work’ be pure love itself.

Constantine has good intentions, too. He doesn’t need faith, nor hope, because he knows. What he needs is love. Faith, hope, love; and the greatest is love.

interesting, they pull things out of the air dont they?

yea I noticed that at the end she was still preaching God. But I just found it so distasteful to pick Gabriel to be so awful.

The one obvious theological error in the movie: suicide means automatic damnation.

That seems to be the “popular opionion” of suicide however and good movie plot.

Constantine has good intentions, too. He doesn’t need faith, nor hope, because he knows. What he needs is love. Faith, hope, love; and the greatest is love.

Thats a very good way to put it. I dont know, its a interesting movie. Bugs me at the same time, my hubby said dont make too much of it, hollywood you know. But was just wondering about the church parts and how true they were.

What about his seeing demons?

That was his gift, but he didn’t know how to use it, so he tried to “check out”. He can’t be totally faulted, though, because it’s tough to see things, that others don’t see, and not think that it’s you yourself who’s the crazy one.

True true, so do you think that gift has any “reality” ?

Of course.:smiley:

:whistle: soo how do you think it may be, probably not as detailed I think, any thoughts??

ps yes you are feeling a picking at your brain :wink:

I saw it - terrible movie. Didn’t make a lick of sense.

There are so many theological errors. The Catholic never teaches that all souls who commit suicide goes to hell. We don’t know if the person was contrite and was given a chance by God to redeem himself. Catholic Churches that no one knows the state of a person if he commits suicide. She teaches that God makes the final judgment.

As far as I know the Catholic Church has never condemned anyone including heretics to hell.

I have some information on St. Loginus from Wikipedia.

No name for this soldier is given in the Gospels; the name Longinus comes from a version of the pseudepigraphal Acts of Pilate. The spear used is known as the Spear of Destiny, or Lance of Longinus, and figures in the legends of the Holy Grail. In some medieval folklore, e.g. the Golden Legend, the touch of Jesus’s blood cures his blindness. Longinus is revered as a martyr in the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy, with anecdotal details introduced to reinforce the duplicity of the Jews in the lore that accumulated around these supposed witnesses to the crucifixion. Longinus does not have an entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia. His feast day is March 15. [1]

A statue of a Saint Longinus is in the Basilica di San Pietro, in the Vatican. It was sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The original spear which is thought to have been used by St Longinus when piercing Christ is embedded within one of the altar’s pillars closest to the statue of St Longinus at St Peter’s Basilica.

Historical Background of the Spear of Destiny:

gee thanks manny, that spear and its copies sure get around. I can understand the movie alot more I guess, If ya read mannys links Riley it does make more sense.

manny, one thing I noticed in the links was

“Catholics generally see in it a deeper meaning: it represents the Church (and more specifically, the sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist) issuing from the side of Christ, just as Eve was taken from the side of Adam.”

theres another thread about men and women and equality and it was pointed out that Eve was taken from Adams side, as in beside him. and this part I hadnt thought of it that way, interesting. I love finding bits that interlink.

The parallel are uncanny I would say. Eve was taken out from the side of Adam. From Christ’s side, the Church was born, water and blood. Water symbolizes baptism, and blood is the Jesus’ blood to conquering sin and death.

I love those parallels. :slight_smile: Not with what you just said but mind you it was just couple days ago I heard the Eve then you say this today. But, Its a odd thing dont know with me Im always noticing different things, not necessarily connected, I shelf them and sooner or later something else come up. sometimes they connect sometimes it takes a bit. Like I said they always pop out at me.

But I like that deeper meaning thing, and its not lost on me the so called concidence. :rolleyes: The Eucharist Im slowly working on and well Mom baptisted my oldest bro but didnt my other bro and me. The troubles you know, religion dividing, left it to us to decide. Didnt even go for a dip in the Baptist church I went to for several yrs. Our son did a while ago, hubby did yrs ago. Guess I have to get the ole fur wet sometime. I consider this a gentle reminder, as I dont believe in concidence. :wink:

I think there are two types of people: those who can see demons, and those who can’t.:smiley:

But seriously, seeing demons is a special type of seeing spirits in general, some of those spirits being nice, some not so nice. (Sometimes, a person goes through a crisis which produces the ability to see. Sometimes, the ability is passed through the family.)

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