Constitution Day


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Install the Code of Canon Law as the rule of law for the US!


That’s unconstitutional!


Indeed. Get rid of the Constitution.


wut? get rid of the Constitution in favor of what?


:joy::joy::joy: This is great. (As a side note: America is sinking into apostasy, but it’s even worse in Europe.)

However, this idea would never work. Even during the glorious age of integration of Church and state, canon law and civil law were recognized as two different branches of human law. The legal systems were different; civil law has as its ends the common good, social order, etc, and these are natural ends. Canon law, on the other hand, concerns the order in the Church (who is a perfect society herself) and how things are done juridically, but has as its ultimate end the Supreme Law, the salvation of souls (salus animarum suprema lex). Thus canon law is higher than civil law, because it has a supernatural end, and both must be subordinated to divine law.




c’mon guy; get real…


In favour of what the OP has suggested.


you guys are completely unrealistic

in this increasingly secular world, we are darn lucky “government” hasn’t shuttered the doors of catholic parishes

wake up & smell the coffee…


Then you’ll complain when Sharia Law is pushed into the Constitution.

Can’t have it both ways

Leave separation of Church and State in tact.



Just as clarification, I meant the OP sarcastically on the occasion of Constitution Day.


I don’t mean to derail this thread, but the Church has always been in favor of the integration of Church and state, and opposed to separation. Catholicism has a social dimension as well, and the social kingship of Christ must be emphasized more in our modern world. When society is Catholic, more souls can be saved.


It sure is, and a violation of the First Amendment, not to mention that is exactly the type of thing that the events in Daniel’s chapter 3 and 6 warn about.

In Daniel 3 we see a violation of the First Amendment in regards establishing religion.

In Daniel 6 we see a violation of the First Amendment in regards prohibiting religion.

There is also the violation of the freedom of speech, press, and other things involved.

The Religion of God is to be from the heart, bowing to the sword of his word, not from the sword of the state…


Church values brought into the political field is acceptable, but making laws according to Catholic Canon is not doable and I would oppose it.



I agree that implementing canon law in place of civil law is not a feasible idea, in principle and in practice.

Someday it will be possible to have a Catholic society. Our Lady said her Immaculate Heart will triumph. Since Catholicism has a social dimension, society will eventually be rescued from its current depravity, and restored to Catholic morals.


Amen. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


So, you’ll force all Americans to abstain from eating meat on Friday’s, which is still part of our Lenten Tradition ?



That is what it would come to. Sounds like some ‘ages’ that were less than brilliant to me.


The Church does not teach that the Church and State are to be separated. On the contrary; they are to remain together.


The Papacy teaches that, but not the united States of America and its Constitution and first Amendment, being a sovereign nation, without king in matters governance, and without a papal see in matters religion.

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