Construction of churches

In Syro Malabar church construction of expensive churches, parish halls, remodeling /renovating existing well built churches are undergoing .In addition to these; large sum of money is spent for festivals and celebration .All these are needed to certain extent. All these expenses are met by collection from the concerned parishioner Mostly amount of donation by each parishioner is decided indiscriminately by the vicar and committee members without looking in the paying capacity of the parishioner About 10to20% of the parishioners are financially sound rest of them are either in debt or having lot of expenses for children’s education ,treatment, marriage construction o f house etc. In Cochin area lot of people evicted from their houses are staying in sheds only. Suicide due to agricultural loan debt is increasing. Lot of of people in different parishes living without having money for treatment. ‘James2. 15-17 reads Suppose there are brothers or sisters who need clothes and don’t have enough to eat. What good is there in your saying to them “God bless you Keep warm and eat well- If you don’t give them the necessities of life? So it is with faith. If it is alone and include no action, then it is dead’ Even in Hindu temples needy people will be given food and no donation is being demanded, they are collecting offerings only. Why can’t our church spend some amount to those who are in need and also avoid burdening laymen by imposing big donations. Now the homilies are of the importance of paying 10% of income as offerings .Nothing is mentioned about the purpose. In Mathew 25.35-36 reads’ I was hungry you fed me,thrsty you give me a drink, I was a stranger you received me in your homes Naked and you clothed me I was sick and you take care of me. In prison you visited me’ Now most of the syromalabar bishop houses have fleets of most modern expensive cars. Another tendency is constructing gold/bronze/steel plated huge flag post in front of the church .The apostles distributed the amount collected to the needy not used to increase the assets to the church Acts 4.34-36The lower middle class people in syromalabar church I is slowly migrating to other Pentecostal churches because they are being ignored or not getting fellowship James 2.2-4 Hence I church authorities’ show some consideration to the ordinary parishioner’s by not imposing /forcing donations which is difficult for them to contribute Mathew23.23

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