Contacting an Ex


Hey everyone

              I have been thinking tonight about emailing an ex girlfriend of mine and I am trying to decide if its a good idea or not. We broke up back in June of 2006 and I texted her a couple of times since them just to say sorry for my part (the last time being last November) and she told me not to text her (the last time). I thought about emailing her and say that I am sorry for anything that happened then. But I wonder if its a good idea. I am not trying to get her back or even be friends again but just tell her sorry for my part cos it bothers me. What do yall think?


I think if she told you not to text her again, it means that she does not want to have any contact with you. You have already appoligized and it’s up to her to forgive you or not, and you may never know what she decides reguarding this.
Let it go, and move on.


It seems that if she already told you not to text her, the wider implication would be that she doesn’t want any contact. :o

If you feel there are things that you want to apologize for, for her sake and not yours, then just pray that God will open the door apart from you making that move on your own. I think it would be best to respect her wishes and not initiate the contact.

Breakups are hard, emotions get all tangled up, but some people just need space to heal, this is probably what she needs right now. :frowning:


oh ok. I just dont know why she is still mad or even got mad:shrug: but I guess I dont need to know


Not a good idea to contact her again. You apologized and the ball is in her court to forgive you. You can continue to pray for her, however. Maybe she’ll come around but for now, let go and let God… It’s out of your hands so leave it all up to Him :slight_smile:


if you feel you have more you need to say to her, write it in a journal or a letter (that you don’t send!). I definitely wouldn’t try contacting her again. you really don’t need to see how much it takes for her to take a restraining order out against you. ;D

she might not be mad at you at all. she might be in a really good place now and you contacting her might bring up things she’s struggled to get past.


Drop it. Do not email or text her again.


EXes are that for a reason.


You’re better off just dropping it, if she all ready said to stop communicating. In fact if she doesn’t really want to talk to you, your better off that she made her intentions known. Sometimes people can just leave you hanging, and that’s worse.

If you feel you must do something, just say a prayer for her to find some peace and hope for the best for her. I try my best to take my stance as I love all my exes, but just because I love them does in no way mean I have to contact them. Sometimes no contact may even be the best option. I hope the best for them. That I have found to be the most peaceful option for me.

Everyone’s done stuff in relationships that they’ve regreated. Turn away from the problems, and try to learn better. There are plenty of other women. You’ll be ok to let this one pass.


What Jman says. You don’t need to contact her - pray for her, but don’t contact her. You can’t really do much good against her will. Contacting her against her wishes could do additional harm.


NO! It is not a good idea - at the worst, you could be accused of stalking and get a restraining order against you.


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