Contacting Cardinal Dolan

Does anyone know if Cardinal Dolan has a personal email? I want to contact him.

He probably does, but I doubt that’s common knowledge.

Most bishops have a personal email – and guard it pretty well. There should be a contact link on the Archdiocese of NY website where you can email Cardinal Dolan’s public email address.

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Or where you can contact his secretary.

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Yes. People should always assume that emails for bishops, priests who are popular speakers, etc., are being read and vetted by someone else first.


You and many other people, I would guess. :smirk:

Ain’t gonna happen through private email.

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I don’t believe the Cardinal has a public email address published let alone a private one. Typically your best bet is to call the main number and ask to speak to a secretary in the Chancery or the Cardinals secretary. Ask her what the best way to send a message to the Cardinal is.

I imagine every bishop is different but in my diocese they request a written letter, which is reviewed by the bishop and then directed to an appropriate person for a response. Bishop does actually see them every letter addressed to him, though the response rarely comes from him.

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