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Hello all,
Last week a friend gave me an email for an SSPX priest. I already emailed him and then read that SSPX priests are invalid and are in schism. Would it be ok to keep emailing him, or would that be wrong?

What was the purpose of contacting this priest and starting a dialog?

I have been wanting to become Catholic and needed someone to talk to.

Please seek out a priest in full communion with Rome and his local bishop.


You will be told quickly on this site (I’m surprised you haven’t been already) that the SSPX are not in schism and their priests are valid. Both of those things are true, but their status no less dubious. Follow the advice above and seek out another priest. Your local parish probably has a website with published email addresses.


They are not is schism nor are they invalid. They are valid priests who are in a irregular (illicit) status.

Please please please get the terminology right because it is very important.


Yes, but the OP is looking to speak to a priest about becoming Catholic. I would think the correct course of action would be to seek out the local parish pastor.


What does RCIA even look like in the SSPX?

I converted in college. I wish I had gone to a regular parish, I would have been better prepared.


I assume one on one instruction with a priest.

Which incidentally is how I was received into the Catholic Church in a small town parish 14 years ago.


At my parish you wouldn’t meet the priest at all before any of the rites.

I would advise not going to this priest, if that is your goal.


Is there an FSSP or ICK parish nearby? The preparation you would get from them, if possible, would be much better than at the average “novus ordo” (for lack of a better term) parish.

Because you would contact the RCIA director. They would oversee the education and discernment process. Yes it is a parish within the diocese.

In fact priests are not commonly involved with RCIA a lot in my experience. My wife converted in college as well and he instructor was a nun. Mine was a priest but at A college one on one. Most parishes I’ve attended have been pretty hands off by father in RCIA classes. But I have usually attended large parishes.

I too would advise to not go the SSPX priest. For a few reasons. I don’t think it is right to tell people to actively seek out the SSPX alternative when others are available. Also, I would not want my confirmation to be suspect if the SSPX ever formally broke away instead of reconciled. Finally, the theology of the SSPX is beautiful, and perhaps correct in many areas but it is also incredibly difficult to grasp for a newcomer to the faith. While surely Catholic, it is incredibly hard to understand for even the most scholarly of Catholics.

LOL nope, just staffed by a lot of busybodies, you know, like a parish. LOL

I don’t think this is a fair blanket statement to make. The OP can receive quality formation from the FSSP or the ICKSP, but it can also be obtained at many other parishes as well (no qualifiers needed).


On these forums, we don’t make a regular practice of disparaging one form or another (it used to be prohibited in our forum rules), especially for new folks and would-be converts.

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Then no, you should not continue conversations with this priest. Reach out to the priest in your local Catholic parish.


If he’s liberal, what kind of “Catholic guilt” homilies was he giving? Not recycling enough, not helping folks cross over the border illegally? Interesting.


If you were confirmed by a bishop of SSPX your confirmation would not be licit. That is it would be against the law of the Church. Please keep that in mind.

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