Contamination of Society with False Values


Hardly a day goes by without some public expression of what some believe are societal “values” - diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance. I, for one, am disgusted with what seems to be blind and almost universal acceptance of these concepts as self fulfilling moral values. Each of us applies our own moral values to much of our lives including to these concepts. However, they are, in and of themselves, no more social values than their opposites: homogeneity, exclusive-ness and intolerance. It is in our interpretation of these, and other, concepts that moral values (or lack of) are evident. For example, how could “tolerance” of pedophilia be considered a positive social value?

Any other thoughts and ideas on this subject?


If a person is completely tolerant, they would have to tolerate other people’s intolerance, wouldn’t they?:stuck_out_tongue:


Further evidence of the meaninglessness of this concept as a social value.


And what if a person doesn’t want to be included?

If diversity is so important, should we start deporting Swedes to Nigeria and Arabians to China, just so everyone is equally diverse?:rolleyes:


What is your take on why such concepts are being promoted as societal values, Tim?



It’s all supposed to be “fair” for everyone. They’re all such broad terms, but what meaning they have is utterly lost.

Something else that I notice is a huge difference in perspective over the past few centuries. There is now the idea that a government owes rights and privelages (originally meant only for citizens of that country) to everyone in that nation’s borders, and other nations’ residents besides.


I suspect that secularists (among others) are pushing this nonsense to confuse and confound the masses to the point that few can still recognize what truly are sound moral values. The declining moral state of our present society certainly would support this position, in my opinion.


It seems that America is expected to be the world’s police, but what anoys me about this is that police officers need to be paid.

Anyway, part of the porblem is the colleges, mostly the professors. Some people think things won’t get much better until the irrational loonies in the educational system start dying off.:shrug:

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