Contemplate This

From the pen of noted apologist Mark Shea. It’s a bit wordy, but it’s got a handful of gems in it that all who frequent this forum would do very well to contemplate, digest and put into action.




sounds like our Mark has been spending too much time on the forums.

I do like his writing style.

Hm!! Published on the same day…



He is a pretty funny guy. I love his remark in this article about not believing in organized religion because he’s Catholic.

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That was good stuff. This one’s great too:

“I like the new church the Masons invented for us in 1962.”
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Sometimes apologists make it seem like there are easy, pat answers when there really are not. Protestants, cafe Catholics, and others have a radically different philosophy, view of history, and perception of the Church, so arguments that convince us Catholics won’t necessarily convince them.

After spending a lot of time on this forum, I have come to the conclusion that the vast amount of argument that goes on on here is useless, counterproductive, or sinful. I think this forum can be useful for passing on information, but as far as getting involved in protracted arguments with either cafe Catholics or Protestants, it’s a waste of time IMO, and I won’t do it anymore. The faith is meant to be lived, not to be argued about. We are far more likely to have an impact on the lives of our friends, family members, and cohorts than we are to have an impact on the lives of anonymous posters here.

Still, we as Catholics have a obligation to know our faith and to give a reason for our hope, as St Peter says. We can do that as charitably as possible without getting into heated arguments which in the long run do more damage than good.

As far as Mark Shea, he’s one of my favorite apologists. His books By What Authority and Making Senses of Scripture are great. He also has a wonderful article about Mary in Crisis Magazine, and I heard he has a book about Marian devotion coming out soon.

Great article! Should we ask the mods to make it mandatory reading before posting to the forums? :wink:

Ya know what, I was going to say we should make this article a sticky. For real.



From Protestant author Francis Frangipane in his book The Shelter of the Most High, not published on the same day as these other two, but read on the same day…

"[St.] Paul’s knowledge was based on his experience with Christ. On the other hand, we have contented ourselves not with seeking the face of God but with studying the facts of God. We are satisfied with a religion about Christ, without the reality of Christ.

“The Bible is the historical record of man’s experiences with the Almighty… As much as the Bible is a book of truths, it is also a map to God. As Christians, we study and debate the map yet too often fail to make the journey.”


Uh oh…I smell a prophet…:wink:


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