Contemplating a patron saint

I start RCIA this Sunday. I know it’s early, but I’ve been contemplating a patron saint and wanted some opinions about who I’m leaning toward.

First, about me. I’m 34, have been married 15 years (first and only marriage), and we have 4 children together. We are currently Protestant (non-denominational, gave my life to Christ 16 years ago) and I am the only one entering the Church at this time. I am a Registered Nurse. I have an interest in just about everything. I tell people that I am good at everything but a master at nothing. My hobbies include computers (I build them occasionally), theology, history (preference to military, ancient, and church history), science (mostly astronomy and cosmology), astrophotography, gaming, and more. I’m involved in Karate and bowling.

I have a Bachelors in Social Work, but couldn’t make a decent living so afterward I pursued an Associate’s in Nursing. I am not particularly passionate about Nursing, I just like it and I like my job. I am good at it and I am compassionate. I am currently pursuing a Master of Healthcare Administration to help me move up in the company I work for (I’m the supervisor over the cardiac team for a company that does insurance preauthorizations for health plans, I work from home).

With all that being said, and keep in mind my middle name is Albert, I keep finding myself gravitating toward Saint Albert the Great. It seems like he had a love of a very wide variety of subjects and was the teacher of St Thomas Aquinas, whose works I greatly enjoy. What are everyone’s thoughts on this?


Why don’t you try this website. It generates a random patron saint for you. The results amazed me more than once.

Often if you “find yourself gravitating” towards a saint then they have already picked you :slight_smile:

I note that although we pick one “Confirmation saint” you are free to have multiple patron saints that you just call on in daily life. I have at least six or seven patron saints including 2 that were my parents’ patron saints and I "adopted” them after my parents died.


I agree with Tis. Once you’re open to it, Saints tend to stalk you… in a nice way. Two of my Saint stalkers were St Therese and Saint Josephine Bakhita. I have nothing in common with either but now we are friends☺.
I have a novena app installed on my phone. It lists Novenas chronologically according to the liturgical year and it could be fun to pray with each in turn and see whom you gel with if you want to because when all is said and done the Saint is gonna be your prayer partner (but not to the necessary exclusion of others).


I agree with Tis. Your patron will pick you. I start RCIA thinking I was going to have one patron and ended up with someone else entirely that I didn’t even know existed until I was well into RCIA.


You patron picks you! You can have more than one. St. Therese and I became friends recently and I have always loved St. Clare.


Welcome home.

I started RCIA a year ago and came into the church this Easter.

I first had 3 saints in mind pretty early on: Justin Martyr (my first name is Justin), Paul (non believer turned Christian, like me), and Joseph (Patron Saint of fathers, I have a daughter and another on the way). As a baptism gift, the wife of one of our parish Deacons gave me a statue of Saint Joseph. She did not know I was considering him as a patron saint. She said she had said a prayer before she went into the gift shop to get the right gift for me and that’s what stood out to her. I took that as my sign that Saint Joseph chose me.

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