Can anyone provide a set out meditation on a scene from the passion to meditate on? I’m looking for a meditation that is about 1 hour in length. Thankyou and God Bless!

May I suggest the Station of the Cross while meditation on Spiritual Love! Spiritual Love is a key ingredient to most all of my meditations. It’s spiritually uplifting and brings a new meaning to the suffering in the world.

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
The Staions of the Cross by St Alphonsus de Liguori

But this is techinally not contemplation, it’s meditation. :wink:

If you can do it, find a place where they have 24 hr. adoration, and sign up for an hour.

Remember, meditation is more about “listening to” than “speaking to” God. It’s a lot harder than it sounds…at first. :slight_smile:

There was a story I heard once, that explained it. An old man used to come, during the day, and sit in the back of church for about an hour, every day. The priest eventually noticed him, and noticed that the man wasn’t praying the Rosary, or didn’t seem to be doing anything but looking at the tabernacle. So, out of curiosity, one day the priest waited for him outside and asked, “My good man. I see you come to church every day, and sit for an hour. I don’t see you pray or do anything. May I ask what it is you’re doing?” The man looked humbly at the priest and said, “I come here to look at my God, while He looks at me.” THAT is the essence of contemplation. :slight_smile:

That was St John Vianney – Curé d’Ars :slight_smile: Brilliant

Keep in mind that contemplation doesn’t come through the images you create in your mind, even holy images, but from the grace God gives you as you sit in the silence of his presence.

Remember, God dwells within and so contemplative prayer consist of praying within the depth of our being, in silence, and not expecting or desiring anything other than what God gives us.

In all, don’t try to work aggressively at it in order to achieve a goal you have set up for yourself.

All transforming grace comes from God, in his way and time, and any experience of God is through love.


Slowly read the passion in one of the four gospels.

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