Contemplative Community

In my discernment I have only discerned active women’s communities, however after coming back from a pilgrimage in Assisi it has been on my heart to also look into contemplative communities. So I have a few questions for you if you know more about contemplative communities or if you have ever lived with any.

Is there a difference between cloistered communities and a community that is exclusively contemplative?
Do exclusively contemplative communities have home visits?

And if there is anything else you could tell me in general about contemplative communities that would be great!

I know of three- the Dominicans, the Poor Clares and the Cistercians and Carthusians. Check out the websites- there should be plenty of information there.
I’ve lived this kind of life for a while and it is a beautiful way of life if you find a good community where the average age is not to old. It’s a very simple way of life directed towards God through prayer. There are great graces to be had through silent prayer although there are times when it can be quite tough. Good luck:)

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