Contemplative Mass?

Due to some scheduling problems this weekend the only Mass I think I’ll be able to attend is at the local Cathedral at 7:30PM. When I went to their web site this mass is listed as a “Contemplative Mass”.

Couple questions…

What is this?
Does this still count as the weekend mass?
What differences, if any, will there be?
Is there a different standard of dressing? I normally where “business casual” type of clothes to mass.

Thanks for any info.

I can only answer one of your questions, viz:

If it is at 7:30PM on Saturday or Sunday, then attendance will fulfil your obligation to assist at Mass on Sunday.


Having actually been to a few Masses designated as “contemplative Masses,” I predict you will find that it is precisely like every other Mass, but with an emphasis on being . . . well, contemplative. The lights may be turned lower, and there may be more candles. The music will be lower-key, so probably you’ll have more pieces geared toward reflection and meditation and less like a full-on, organ-swell chorus of Holy God We Praise Thy Name. There may be more pieces (Offertory hymn, etc.) that are just sung by the choir alone rather than expecting congregational participation.

That’s it. And it definitely counts for your Sunday obligation.

Don’t know if the nuances of language are the same with you, but around here it’s the opposite of a ‘Family Mass’. Family Mass means children are particularly welcome and noise is expected so please don’t come up to the priest afterwards and complain that his sermon was too childish/you couldn’t hear part of the Eucharistic Prayer because of the baby crying next to you.

Contemplative Mass means parents please don’t bring young children unless you really have too (they’ll mostly be getting ready for bed by then anyway, Contemplative Masses are usually in the evening), this will be a quiet and reflective atmosphere. Other than that I would expect a standard Mass which would certainly fulfil your obligation.

Thank you everyone!

It sounds like a nice Mass that I’d like to attend at some point. Fortunately I was able to take an extended lunch at work (I work on Sunday’s and normally attend Saturday night mass) and attend the 10:30AM service.

My children were singing in the Choir this morning which is why we did not attend our normal Saturday evening Mass. In addition to the blessing of hearing my children sing I had an added surprise! The Bishop of our dioceses was there to celebrate!

Thanks again for the information provided!

A true “contemplative” Mass would be one in which some of the Mass was recited in Silence.

An example would be the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite which has the canon and other parts of the Mass recited in Silence.

God Bless

Or a Mass in which none of the Mass was recited in silence. That way, people who wanted to follow it could just listen calmly, rather than having to screw around with ribbons and flip pages. Perhaps some people find simple listening more contemplative. Is that okay with you?

An example would be the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite which has the canon and other parts of the Mass recited in Silence.

God Bless

Another example would be the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

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