Contemplative Prayer

Can anyone provide a link to something that teaches acquied contemplation? Thankyou

there is no such thing as a technique that teaches acquired or infused contemplation. That is a gift from God and no technique or method can force him to grant it. Read St. Teresa of Avila, the Way of Perfection for the best most complete explanation of contemplative prayer. That does not mean only mystics can engage in contemplative prayer, is in the state during or after vocal and mental prayer where the soul simply rests in silence with God. We all can do that. What it does mean is that you cannot induce mystical experiences or infused contemplation through any method.


They are right, but what is it you are trying to do?

There are forms of prayer that are specifically designed to be “contemplative” forms, in that they invite God to bestow the gift of contemplation on us.

If you want to learn about silent prayer so that you can learn to open yourself up to God and invite the Spirit in to renew you, then you can start by reading what the expressions of prayer are (vocal, meditative, contemplative), in CCC 2700-2724. Note the use of the word “should” in 2708.


Presence is a relational term, and it implies at least two parties who both give and receive. The “Real Presence” is the Catholic term for Jesus’ presence in the bread and wine, but if we don’t know how to be present to another presence there is no Real Presence—for us! There must be an opening from both sides for presence to exercise its transformative effect. What we’re doing in contemplation is learning, quite simply, how to be present. That is the only way to encounter any other presence, including Jesus in the Eucharist.

Actually there are some excellent Catholic books that are Spiritual Classics by Tan Book Catholic Publishers.

Two Books I would suggest as excellent reading The Ways Of Mental Prayer by Rev Dom Vitalis Lehoodey and The Soul of The Apostolate
Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard

Both of these Catholic books are Spiritual Classics

Here’s a review of these books:

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