Contemporary Catholic Masses vs. Traditional

I was prepared to convert to Catholicism after leaving the Episcopal Church. However, I am bothered by the idea of the contemporary Catholic mass. I recently visited a Catholic Church that turned out to be contemporary. I feel that the Catholic Church I wanted to be a part of ended with Vatican II. I brought these to my RCIA group and they assured me that was because it was a “liberal” priest and diocese. However, I attended the other Catholic church in my town and it was very much contemporary also. I feel that it is unacceptable and not reverent and I cannot see why it is allowed. I feel that I am being driven toward Eastern Orthodoxy because they would never allow this in their churches. Are these churches anomalies or is this contemporary approach taking over?

From my experience, the vast majority of Roman Rite churches that use the novus ordo I have been to in the US lack reverence for sacred worship. I’ve seen everything from priests riding out during mass on a tricycle to dancing in the sanctuary. For better or worse, these are undeniable elements of the 21st century Latin Church.

these abuses are unfortunately common in the latin rite but that does not in any way disprove catholicism and they were in no way instituted by VII or the 1960’s liturgical reform. i would advise attending the Extraordinary form of the latin rite(which i attend) and then and then see what you think.

The Catholic Church is THE Church that has the fullness of the Truth as revealed by God to the human race, so I don’t think that you are being called toward Eastern Orthodoxy. However, the Catholic Church has many rites, and you may look into an Eastern Catholic rite or attend the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass of the Roman rite). Both are far less common than the novus ordo celebrated at most Catholic parishes, so it may take some searching (and driving) to find them and get to them, but I assure you, you’ll see a big difference. The novus ordo (i.e., the “regular” Mass in most parishes) is a valid Mass though.

If you decide to attend the Latin Mass, make sure it’s an approved one and not through SSPX because they are not in communion with Rome.

If you give us examples of what specifically you consider “unacceptable” in the Masses you attended, we’ll be able to tell you if it’s really due to the liberal diocese or if it’s a normal part of the novus ordo Mass. For example, liturgical dancing is not normal; female altar servers - normal and not an abuse. If you don’t like the former, go to another church down the street; if you don’t like to latter - go to the Extraordinary Form.

What do you mean by “contemporary”? Vernacular?

I think there are a lot of people that feel the same way. Don’t quit or despair!
How can I say this - - people who are coming from a more traditional style of worship, I think are often disappointed by the music, etc at a typical Catholic Mass.
If you are able, try different churches until you can find one that is more to your liking. Depending on your location, you might find what is called the EF (Extraordinary Form) of the Mass, which is celebrated according to the rubrics (guidelines) from 1962. Just be prepared that if you go to an EF Mass, you may feel out of place if you are wearing pants rather than a skirt, and a lot (most) of the ladies will probably be wearing a little lace veil, called a chapel veil. If you want, you could wear a scarf or hat or something if you want to feel like you fit in. Also, you might completely lost during an EF Mass! I think it’s pretty much impossible to follow along in the little red missalettes they have.

The vast majority of Ordinary Form masses I have attended have been very reverent. I don’t think you’ll find many people who have seen priests riding out on a tricycle.

No one denies there are abuses, but please don’t falsely paint the entire Church with that brush.


I recommend [thread=488839]this thread[/thread] to the OP. :twocents:


Neither tricycles nor dancing nor “clown Masses” nor balloons nor singular examples of other things that are frequently cited as pervasive in the Ordinary Form of the Mass are in fact “common” in any way. For that matter, the title of this thread is troubling in that it seems to pit one form of the Mass against the other, when that is not the case. I feel there are some who like to wallow in such stories, to the detriment of the whole Church and those inquiring about Her.

Is there an Anglican Use Ordinariate you could join?

Here we go again! :frowning:

There is no such thing as a Novus Ordo Mass. There are two forms of Mass–Ordinary and Extraordinary, both approved.

“vast majority of the Roman Rite churches”—that is quite a stretch of the imagination.

Are you converting to the Church for the aesthetics of Liturgy or for containing the fullness of revealed truth?

If you want the aesthetics, convert to Eastern Orthodoxy where you’ll also be able to divorce, contracept, and abort.


Most Ordinary Form Masses I have been to are very reverent. More trust in Rome and God’s providence and less trust in our own personal preferences is sometimes needed for the sake of obedience. I have *never *seen a priest behave in such crazy ways as mentioned in this thread and it all sounds utterly preposterous. You’d be better than a Saint if you liked all people but we can try and be a bit forgiving in our attitudes. Minor disputes or annoyances can be resolved and should be done so with discretion within the Parish. I don’t think running away as soon as something apparently bad happens shows much commitment to the Parish and to speak of just not attending another ‘Novos Ordo’ Mass and trying to pin issues arising on Vat. II doesn’t show much loyalty to our R.C. Church either. IMHO.


I have been Catholic for 60 years all over the country including California, Texas and Chicago and have never seen these “undeniable element”.

I don’t believe that. Please tell us the names of Churches this took place in and what cities they are in so that we can research this claim.

Reverence is a subjective term. And have you attended Spanish masses and Masses in other cultures on a regular basis to make that claim? They don’t even call them Ordinary Form in my neck of the woods.

I’ll bet most don’t know that. Most Masses are labelled as English, Spanish, Italian, Latin, etc.


I’d like to echo this request. It sounds preposterous. Having made the claim these things happen in an OF Mass, MorEphrem, you are challenged to say when and where.

Yes and if we replace “Novus Ordo” with “Catholicism” and “riding out during Mass [it’s capitalized by the way] on a tricycle to dancing in the sanctuary” with “most of the senior Nazi leadership were Catholic” and “undeniable elements of the 21st Century Latin Church” with “Catholicism is evil” we’ve just shown one can “prove” any point by using simplistic logic and shallow examples.:thumbsup:

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