Contemporary Catholic visual artists?

Where can I find a list or information about top contemporay Christian (particularly Catholic) visual artists? I’m particularly interested in work dealing with the human figure.

I really want to know about this!!!

A lot of artist I know, aren’t Catholics, what a shame

God Bless You !!!

God bless!

Andrew Lakey. Look at this retrospective, #12 is my fave.

I don’t know if he is catholic. What I do know I remember from a book I read about him when he first began painting and becoming known. The story is essentially a miracle. He wasn’t an artist, he just got called to do this, to do the angels. It’s a really inspiring story full of miracles. Unfortunately, he suffered health problems from his exposure to the materials.

You can find many contemporary Catholic artists at including my watercolor series of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

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