Contemporary church interiors you like

Inspired by the church remodelling thread.

There are a few ugly recent churches where I live, none of which, unfortunately, has been or will be remodelled in a more traditional style in the near future.

On the other hands, there are a few contemporary church buildings I rather like, like this monastery chapel:

624.jpeg project-institut

It certainly isn’t traditional, and it has an unusual disposition where altar and ambo face each other.

These are openings rather than lamps in the ceiling, so they bring in natural light.

Are there contemporary churches you like ?


Although I believe there ought to be more statues, I think the interior of Our Lady of Angels, Los Angeles, is very beautiful with the light sandy color, the tapestries, and the trumpet-like lights:


I’ve always liked this church, one of our neighboring parishes. It’s considered mid-century modern. We used to call it the round church even though it’s actually an octagon.


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