Contemporary Clean Catholic Romances


Does anyone have recommendations for good contemporary clean Catholic romance novels? I would like to read more novels like Snow in August by Margaret Anscombe, but I’m not sure what would be good. Mostly I read older novels because I can count on them not to have graphic sexual content most of the time. Do you have any favorite contemporary authors or any favorite books that are worth reading?


Julie Lessman. (Author)
I don’t know if that falls along the lines of the book you listed, but her books (she has a couple related series) are about an Irish Catholic family back around the turn of the century. They are good…those feel good type of romance. I enjoyed them. Good luck though, I struggle finding Catholic fiction! I will be interested to see what else is suggested!


Gone with the wind is a clean romantic book
The only catholic thing about it though is Scarlet O’Hara’s family is Catholic and there is one part in the book where they pray the rosary together.


anne of green gables?

jane eyre?

not contemporary, i guess…


Crazy how times have changed. Gone with the wind wasn’t considered that clean when it came out!


I love GWTW! I would get made fun of in school cause I read it every year. The sequel "scarlett " was racy…I remember my mom flipping out when my dad let me rent it. She yelled “it’s not as innocent as Gone with the Wind!” Lol…but GWTW’s a classic!



Turn of the century as in 1999-2000 range?

Just a pet peeve of mine. We are nearly two decades into the 21st century… could say “turn of the last century” I suppose. Another one that will increasing bother me, as we get very close to 2020, is “the 20s”… we will be living “the 20s” in about 16 months time.


2-3 decades at most before posting on this station ceases :slight_smile:
i’ll continue “googling” “clean catholic romance novels” until my failing memory keeps me from doing so…


I’m not sure what you consider contemporary but I always like the Andrew Greely novels, especially the Irish seris; Irish Gold, Irish Lace, etc.



Really, all of Gables’ fiction!

This one is not contemporary, but is soooo good


Thanks, I will have to check her work out. It certainly is a struggle to find good contemporary Catholic fiction though, especially in romance!


You’ll find dozens of books in a variety of genres here. And from contemporary authors! My mystery novels are listed there, but they have some clean romance and humor and the murders are typically “off screen”!


And check the Catholic Writers Guild website also. You’ll find a list of their quarterly recipients of their Seal of Approval.


That’s cool. I didn’t realize her family was Catholic. I have a copy but I’ve never read it. I’ll definitely have to now.


I’ve also already read them. :slight_smile: For romance, I do love The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery. Not really contemporary either, but very good.


I will have to check them out. I’ve never heard of them. Thank you. (And thank you to everyone who’s answered so far.)


I’ve vaguely heard of her but never read her. I’ll definitely put her on my list. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Cool, thank you for sharing those resources. I love mystery too so I’d be interested in checking out your books too. :slight_smile:


I hope you enjoy the book!

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