Contemporary Issues VS Dogmatic Teaching


I need help, PLEASE…Of the Issues that face our world today such as Abortion and Same-sex Marriage, are the Church’s Positions coming from the un-changeable teachings or are these positions of the kind that might be ammended in time?

I don’t know how to understand these areas of my Faith. Ex: We now have altar girls, and the many changes that have taken place in the Liturgy since Vatican ll, and a different view of Protestants. QUES: How do I defend against those who say that the Church makes changes that suit her own purposes rather than basing them on Truth?

QUES: What Issues or types of Teachings Can and Can NOT be ammended or updated? And, where are they to be found, so that I might learn and be able to speak on them.
What Books? Or, are there any?


The key distinction with regards to whether something can change is whether it is doctrine/dogma or discipline.

Dogma/doctrine are basically the eternal truths about faith and morals revealed to us by God.

For example, things like the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Resurrection, etc. are truths about God and His nature, revealed to us through Jesus and the Scripture and Apostolic teaching. They are unchangeable.

Also, things that pertain to morality, like abortion, the nature of marriage, etc. (think 10 commandments) are unchangeable.

What is changeable are man-mad Disciplines that regulate how we worship. The form of the liturgy, for example, or the ordination of married men. These have varied through time and in different parts of the Church, but are OK to change, as long as the change comes from the appropriate authority.

Check the Catechism if you have specific questions. This is a searchable version.

Hope that helps. God Bless.


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