"Contemporary" Mass?

Hi everyone,
I’m on vacation and we’re planning to attend the Sunday evening mass in the area tomorrow. On their website, this parish identifies this particular mass as being “contemporary.” I’m not sure what this means or what to expect, and I’m a bit apprehensive. Any ideas on what a “contemporary” mass might be like?

Music will probably be Matt Maher-type, like at Life Teen Masses and they will probably use instruments other than a pipe organ.

My experience is that this refers to the music at the liturgy. So don’t expect an organ and chant. Expect guitar and perhaps youth choir singing more contemporary hymns.

Here’s one thread from 2011 that may help.

You’ll probably hear very contemporary vernacular hymns accompanied by guitars, pianos, drums, and maybe clapping. There will not be any Latin or sacred music.

My preliminary research indicates that this is absolutely correct. :thumbsup:

Some parishes also use the term as a synonym for “Ordinary Form”.

Here’s a video of a “Contemporary Mass” from YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=FZkUFjlrD9w

(ignore the comments, which are the usual YouTube bilge. :))

Locally, our contemporary Mass used to be called the Lifeteen Mass. It was renamed after the teen-agers left the band.
A blessed Sunday to you and those with whom you will be assisting at Mass tomorrow.

Thanks for the answers everyone.

Sounds highly suspect if you ask me. It may even have people at the door to welcome you and hand out the little pamphlets that are normally strewn around the seats after mass in some strange custom. It will probably have young people singing very loud guitar music right through the communion procession. Horror is, it may have two collections. There is likely to be the same sermon of the prodigal son which is like a recurring dream after sixty years of Mass attendance. Thankfully the priest will try not to make it relevant to our present society or give guidance on our social situation in any way. There may be drums.
I think you will be surprised at how normal it will be. Gone are the exciting days of the liturgical dancing and other obscenities Gave the nuns a sense of purpose of course. Now they make candles and apply for paid pastoral assistants to make ends meet.
No, just a normal Mass really. Thankfully only Jesus has ears and can explain it all away to His Father the the Spirit.
Just a tad embarrassing that we welcome Him in the Eucharist to such bedlam with no sense of awe or rightful fear His presence should engender. His mercy knows no bounds. .

I really enjoy contemporary mass music:harp:


I’m trying to follow you, but got lost right after “Sounds”.

No problems. Just read the words slowly. I think the grammar is OK. Spelling seemed to check out alright. May be my accent. Or the stream of consciousness mode. Hardly worth a third read if you still can’t get the gist. I must admit I had the same problem with “A passage to India.”

Good news is the Lord is never embarrassed with us when our hearts are sincere in loving him. He does not care whether we are good musicians or academy award singers. He is present in the heart of our worship.

Thanks God we are able to bring back our young people to the mass and they enjoy in doing it. Gone are the days when nuns made you watching a plant growing just because you were a bit wild and failed to obey her. But they are still young and if encouraged, they will grow up good, perhaps no different than us adults, or even better.

But that’s the Lord’s territory. Let Him does his work. It is not for us to tell Him what He likes and doesn’t. Who are we to impose our musical taste on Him?

You make some very good points and I stand corrected by your wise post. God Bless you.

I guess people aren’t used to your wit, :wink:
Petaro. Hope you are doing well today.

To the OP: RELAX.

Lol…I’ve read it again, but i doubt from a literary perspective that E.M. Forster needs to be looking in his rear view mirror.:smiley:

Sadly, this is pretty common on Sunday nights in my diocese. Some folks prefer a Mass that sounds secular/worldly, what with the drum sets and guitars and off-broadway-sounding “hymns.”

I hope you were able to find a different Mass, but if you didn’t, it’s (usually) still Mass even with the goofy contemporary things. We can always be thankful for that. :thumbsup:

Perhaps to those folks, there is nothing sad about it.

Well, everything was great. No clowns or liturgical dance, hahaha!

Sacred music is not confined to a compositions from a particular style or time period. I could write something today that would be totally appropriate for Mass in a current style of music.

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