Continue to Use Rosary?


I have a Rosary that was sent to me and I cherish it with everything in me because I enjoy it and enjoy praying with it…

However, it seems to be falling apart and one of the beads (as of now) is missing. I’ve put it back together until I can find the missing bead…

Should I rid of it or can I keep it and just pray that missing bead on another one?

What would you do?

It’s also my first Rosary that I’ve had blessed and I really want to keep it for ages to come and even pass it on to another Catholic whomever they may be.


Keep it and use another bead to pray. The beads aren’t as impotant as the prayers. We only use the beads because it’s an easy way to count the prayers.

You should try to repair the beads, or failing that, maybe you should use another set to pray with on a daily basis and keep the other set for special purposes and for sentimental reasons.

I think it’s great that you are praying the Rosary! It’s a very powerful method of prayer! I encourage you to keep doing this daily if possible.


Sounds like a plan… If I receive another one I may end up using it.

As of now I don’t plan on buying another one… so will use this one.

As you said, the beads aren’t as important as the prayers…

Benedicitus Deus.


Keep and use this special rosary of yours.Perhaps there is a message in there for you to hear.Think about all that has been going on lately(I know because you share some it it with us)
I think you will discover something important about yourself.


Well… whaddya know!

I was asking St. Anthony to help me find the bead… I looked for maybe 5 minutes and gave up (yea that’s not enough time)…

Anyways, I went to dinner and guess what!

The rosary bead was at the bottom of my pocket and I had forgotten to check that pocket (the other I did) because I put the Rosary there the first place and then moved it without checking it before Mass this morning… doh

Thanks St. Anthony!

mammallama, it has already taught me that if I’m persistent in prayer the Lord will work things out even if I feel the case is hopeless!


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