Continue with Weight Watchers?


A friend of mine is a user Weight Watchers’ services. He’s had some success and very much wants to continue. He was informed the other night that Weight Watchers is a big supporter of abortion. He feels terrible and very conflicted about this situation. Since he doesn’t support abortion, does church teaching require him to quit?


Whoa, really? In what way do they contribute?
It feels like a full time job just to connect the paper trail on all these comapanies to see who they sponsor, my gosh.


No, we are mot morally obligated to sever ties with every organization that supports abortion. That would be an extremely long list.


we should first in prudence obtain proof of an allegation before we act upon it, Judie Brown has a link to a website that lists questionable companies, I have not seen WW but that does not mean they are not there

there is a difference between material cooperation–working in an abortion clinic, and remote cooperation–working in a hospital where abortions are done in another department, or for a company that actually performs or enables abortions, for instance a doctor’s group practice that also runs an abortion clinic elsewhere in town (a huge profit-generator according to ads I have seen in some of their professional literature). the first is definitely condemned by the Church and one would be excommunicated, IMO so would the second be, but I don’t think the Church language actually states that–I would hope to be corrected.

and a more remote connection–such as working for Walgreens, which as a pharmacy does provide drugs that among other things may cause abortion. In the photo or cosmetic dept. of course you are not cooperating at all, and even if you work in the pharmacy are not in charge of what the patient does with that drug, but that is an area where the individual Christian might want to take a stand, but still would not be required by the Church to quit his job.

then farther removed is buying goods or services from a company like McDonalds or KMart that has nothing to do with procuring abortions, but does contribute out if its surplus earnings to all kinds of charities, including PP, whose activities are questionable or immoral. The company is not doing the evil, and their execs probably think they are contributing to someone who is doing some good with it. The customer, or even the investor, in such a company who has no say so about that policy does not have an absolute moral obligation imposed by the Church to end that relationship.

Where the line is drawn here, once we move beyond material cooperation, is up to the individual Christian.

It is always a mortal sin to directly or materially cooperate in abortion and it seems the bishops have finally come out with a direct statement that taxpayer supported abortions are wrong and that Catholics cannot cooperate in that manner. The fall short of advising Catholics to withhold taxes if these various laws touching on this are passed, but there is no doubt there language is strongly addressed to Catholic legislators who actively promote and pass these laws.

follow the link given below to WW, then to the lose for good their sharing campaign, they support organizations that directly address hunger and food accessibility issues here and abroad.

and then link further to the international organization they support, Action Against Hunger. you can investigate the third to see if besides the direct initiatives to end hunger this organization also supports projects that might be provided BC and abortion services to the same clientele as receive the food and other support. I believe it is the contention of those who claim “WW supports abortion” that because they support this organization, who might possibly also be directing some donations to questionable activities, that on that basis the Christian should boycott WW.

That would be a very remote cooperation, even if it is true. It is up to the person making the claim to prove it is true. If I give you money for food and you use it for drugs, that is not my moral failing, and if I give your country or organization money to feed the poor and help them become self-sufficient, and you spend some of it for another purpose, that also is not my moral failing, it is out of my control, and it is not the failing of the person who gave me the money in the first place.


Some guy could tell you that I am actually a talking hoot owl.

Your friend should ask the person who told them for his sources, your friend should do the research - if nothing else, contact the corporate offices and ask about their charitable giving (that is what they would call it IF they did it- charitable giving to Planned Parenthood).

Do not believe something just because some guy tells you, do the research!


Show me where they support abortion. I need proof before I believe a third party story - which is wrong to spread unless there is proof to support this claim.


Just some other suggestions if he likes WW online…

Fit Day which has the same kind of calorie and nutrient tracking with reports etc for free. There is also a software version you can buy. I really like this and use it daily.

Spark People
. Same kind of thing but has lots of groups for support, forums, that kind of thing. The nutrition tracker is a bit less streamlined than Fit Day but worked fine and in the same basic way. Spark people also has diet ‘plans’, if that is something your friend wants. I haven’t used them though so I can’t speak to how good they are.

I used to use WW online(just to track nutrition and calories) too and liked it, but got sick of paying for it after I discovered the above two FREE options that are very similar.

HTH :slight_smile:


Just why would Weight Watchers even have an interest in the abortion question?

Hoot, hoot!


Strictly from a business perspective, it would be stupid for weight watchers to sponsor or promote abortions. A large part of their clientele would probably be women trying to lose post-baby weight. :shrug:


My guess (and this is pure speculation) is that WW supports a breast cancer research group, which in turn probably has ties to planned parenthood or the like. The problem is that you could quit WW and do fitday online. But unless Fitday has a statement that says, “we do not support abortion” how do you know they don’t too? And what about whoever advertises on their website, so that they can be free? Do all of those companies support only good causes? Or all of the other alternatives to WW or Fitday etc… It would be falsely comforting to leave one group because the connection is easier to find, only to support another group who actually supports just as many immoral things - but just doesn’t happen to have gotten on the radar of the activists yet. Now if the activists want to organize a boycott, then it may be worthwhile to join in. But otherwise, I wouldn’t leave WW unless their abortion connection was proven to be unusually bad. I suppose it would be really honorable to decide to not support any organization that supports abortion. But to do that, you need to be ready for a huge undertaking just to know you have the facts, and to be able to make the sacrifice that might be larger than you expect.

  • Weight Watchers requires payment for their services . . . if they truly do contribute money to Planned Parenthood . . . which is a huge abortion provider and supporter in the billions upon billions of dollars unholy abortion industry . . . or any other abortion activities . . . then . . . yes . . . it would be a sin to continue to purchase their services . . . since a portion will then be actively used to support the killing of babies . . . Though it would not be accounted as sin to a soul who participated in Weight Watchers if their abortion participation/connection was unknown at the time of the participation . . . ***if it is true they support the evil of abortion ***. . . if one then continues the affiliation knowing that a portion of the money will go to support the murder of innocent completely vulnerable children . . . then that would definitely be sin for that individual from that point on . . .

**However **. . . this having been said . . . it is incredibly important that this accusation . . . *now that it has been brought up *. . . **be proven **. . . and not just be perhaps an unholy and destructive rumor . . .

Please have your friend search out and reveal the actual source for substantiating the accusation and share it with us . . . this is an extremely serious charge of evil about a absolutely mortal sin to make against an organization . . . and the need for a legitimate honest and accurate source for the basis of such a grave accusation of involvement and support in the horrific evil of abortion is imperative . . . The **Biblical **pattern below . . . from Sacred :bible1: Scripture . . . shares the absolute need . . . in the discernment, exercise and practice of good and just judgment . . . to be sure that there are ample supporting witnesses when someone is accused of being involved in an evil activity . . . this evil is rampant in today’s society . . . and it would be beneficial to all of us who have read this thread to know the truth . . . or lack thereof . . .about this accusation . . .

The Holy :bible1: Bible

“By the mouth of two or three witnesses
shall he die that is to be slain.
Let no man be put to death,
when only one beareth witness against him.”

[RIGHT]. . . all for Jesus+
. . . Holy Spirit of our God+
. . . Guide into the Finding of the Truth+
. . . thank You Lord+


Your friend could see if there is a TOPS chapter in the area. “Its two-fold objective is to encourage healthy lifestyles through weight-management support groups and to sponsor obesity research” ( I’ve enjoyed belonging to my local chapter, and have been successful losing weight.

If there isn’t a group in the area, they also have an online membership option.

The support groups usually include members who have reached their goal weight (called KOPS–Keeping off Pounds Sensibly) and stay to help them maintain that loss (which can be hard) and encourage other members.

Another benefit of TOPS is that it’s cheaper than other weight loss clubs–$26 a year to the national organization and chapter dues, usually less than $5.


Well, I haven’t seen buffalo post a “boycott weight watchers” thread, so…


If we avoided every company we disagree with politically, we’d have to grow all of our own food, sew our own clothes, write our own books, get our own electricity…jeez, the beat goes on…

Sometimes you just have to grin and bare it.


I try to be guided by the advice of Blessed John XXIII:

“See everything, overlook a great deal, correct a little.”

The world is a complex place. Rather than spend my energy figuring out the paper trail of every company I buy from (and their suppliers, and so on) I should rather spend that energy at my parish.




Growing our own sheep for the wool to sew our own cloths… :slight_smile:


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