Continued Prayers for my 19 yr old son


He is coming around more. I am so happy. His baby will be due August 28th. I’m praying that he is ready to accept this responsibility of caring for this precious baby. Also, continued prayers that he returns to the LORD. He needs God in his life. I really believe that. He needs to return to the Church as well.
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


You and your sons are in our prayers.


We will continue to pray for your son. Sometimes the lambs get lost for a while, but through God’s grace return to the flock.


Praying. :signofcross:






Prayers going up :gopray2:




I will pray for your son.


Holy Nicholas of Tolentino, at the age of 18 you undertook the work of the Lord by becoming a friar. Look with compassion on this young man who is now a father as well. Though his journey may be rocky and his boat be tossed, calm the waters that surround him and guide him to the Lord. Please look with kindness on his child, whose birth is expected on August 28, the feast day of St. Augustine, with whom you share a special bond. We know that you have a particular fondness for babies, and we ask you to guide this small child in your footsteps to serve the Lord at all times. Amen.

Holy Monica, who appeared to saint Nicholas of Tolentino during his time of need, come to this mother’s aid in her time of apprehensive hope. Your son strayed from his faith in his youth, but you never stopped praying for his return to the Lord. Guide this mother in prayer and service so that she might see her own son’s return to his faith. Look also over this new mother whose child is expected to be born on August 28, just as your son was born on that day to everlasting life. Teach her your fidelity and reliance on prayer so that she might share in that faith and unfailingly pass it on to her own child in word and deed. Amen.

Holy Augustine, who entered into eternal glory on August 28th, look with compassion on this child who is expected to be born on that same day. In your youth, you strayed from the faith of your mother. For fifteen years, from the tender age of 15, you devoted yourself to the pleasures of the world. You too fathered a child at a young age. You went on to father many through your priestly service to the Lord. Hear his mother’s prayers for him and remember her with compassion. Guide this man back to God and through him lead his child to sainthood. Amen.


Your son and you have my prayers :gopray:


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