Continuing thaw between the Catholic Church and things Luther-an?

While not making a statement regarding the sources, these two articles bring up the question of the thread.

A square in Rome named for :eek: Martin Luther.

Pope Francis will visit the Lutheran Church in Rome, following the example of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI .



Hey Jon, I’m happy to see such humility from Vatican leaders. I think it is a very positive gesture which shows the desire to heal wounds.

“It’s a decision taken by Rome city hall which is favorable to Catholics in that it’s in line with the path of dialogue started with the ecumenical council,” said the Rev. Ciro Benedettini

This comment could be seen as a compliment… :wink:

“If there is a hell, Rome is built over it.”

As for the second article, I saw a couple comments that were laced with fear, criticizing John Paul II for beginning such efforts to embrace the Lutheran churches. I think our recent Pope’s have shown a lot of brave faith in efforts to come together. These men know their limits, and they are showing great courage to put aside pride in order to compel positive change.

I think it’s great.
Enjoyed the two articles you posted.

Looks like a good thaw to me!

Turning road blocks into paving stones - always a good thing! :thumbsup:


And really, it’s not like it’s Vatican property, right? It doesn’t require Church approval.

No, but it’s nice to have.


The move has been six years in a making, following a request made by the Seventh-day Adventists, a Protestant denomination

Naming a street in Rome for a German Protestant seems odd. Even odder is that it appears this was not the idea of Germans or Lutherans but Adventists. Adventist are very anti-Catholic. They also aren’t an ecumenically minded group. I question the motives. So I don’t see the street naming as being a good thing. The Pope visiting a Lutheran church would be a good example of Catholic willingness to work on uniting Christians.

That did strike me as odd too… the whole SDA involvement.

What, you don’t want to make a statement about these 2 sources? Surely, you have comments about the fair, charitable comments following the articles.

Re: the square named for Luther, there’s a famous place in or near the Vatican where Lutheran soldiers wrote his name during an invasion, where they drove the Pope into seclusion.

Re: the Pope visiting the Lutheran church, totally appropriate. My hope is that the bishop of Rome will have a little time in his pontificate, maybe not that day, to just chat informally 1 time with that pastor. There is no such person as “Lutheranism”, just individual Lutherans and their families.

Adventists aren’t anti Catholic, nor do they oppose dialogue , for example they dialogue with other " Protestants "

No, they are very anti-Catholic. They say the Pope is the Antichrist and the Church the Whore of Babylon. They even say the evil Catholic Church changed the Sabbath to Sunday. Protestants get a pass from violating God’s will and worshipping on Sunday because they were led astray by the evil Catholic Church. If they aren’t anti-Catholic no group is.

I can’t say they don’t ever dialogue but I don’t think they do much of it.

One step at a time. I’m sure it gives God great pleasure to see our different groups discussing. It’s the best way to overcome misunderstandings of each other and maybe see that some of our issues are symantics and not just theology. God is gracious! May God bring love and “communion” to the discussions!

His peace!


That’s like trying so say we’re anti gay , we are not , we just oppose gay marriage, similar position here, they a are not anti Catholic just by opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and its teaching ,if anything Adventists care enough to try to ( in their veiw ) correct the errors of their brethren , don’t assume that they are being hateful .

Yes. I remember when this happened a few months ago and the piazza was re-named. It is unfortunate that their original plan was not able to be realized…for it to be named in 2010 on the occasion of the 500th anniversary. The choice of the site was an interesting selection.

Thanks for the information. Why do you say it was an interesting selection?


It’s in a park, near the Domus Aurea. It is not really near anything I particularly associate with Martin Luther’s visit to Rome.

He lived at Santa Maria del Populo,which is not near this piazza. There is a famous story involving Martin Luther and the Scala Santa, but that, too, is a good 15 minute walk from the Piazza Martin Lutero.

Certainly, he would have visited the Colosseum, which is visible from this park. I found it interesting that they did not choose to locate it in a place more associated with his 1510 visit. I do not claim to be a historian of the visit, however, and perhaps there is some more remote association involving this location of which I am not aware.

It is like I said if they aren’t anti-Catholic no one is. I don’t see the usefulness of the distinction you are drawing. I realize Adventists are not against men in the Catholic Church. They are against the ideas those men have. But the distinction you are making of what someone is anti about has only become necessary, for the most part, in our politically correct time.

It would make sense God is happy with dialogue. But I would think He would be happier with unity. So long as the dialogue is moving towards unity or at least has some realistic hope that is great. In the case of Adventists this would seem near impossible given their claims about fundamental understandings of the Church that the Catholic Church has.

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