Contraception and Health Care

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I know this can be complicated but hoping someone has some resources like “contraception and the health care law for dummies”… The latest story I heard was about Little Sisters of the Poor in Denver. From what I read if they sign some document, that means they do not have to provide contraception, some other group does that I assume they are not affiliated with? If that is true, how is that violating their conscious?

I recommend checking out the legal representatives for the sisters (and many other plaintiffs), the Beckett Fund

According to an interview with one of the counsel, by signing a release they are giving open consent to the providing of birth control, abortion inducing drugs, or sterilization. They cannot give consent to actions that have grave moral consequences. It’s rather like hiring a hit man to kill someone. You may not pull the trigger but you are responsible just the same.

Also as the lead counsel noted, if the form WERE NOT significant, the Obama administration would simply stop their demand that the form be signed. The Obama administration could solve this whole problem tomorrow by backing down on all of these cases.

Birth control, abortion inducing drugs and sterilization are NOT HEALTH CARE. The only reason is ideology and lobbying by the companies that make the drugs or provide the services. All of the ten or so packaged benefits are obscure and not universally needed but all had powerful lobbies pushing for them.


Thanks for the responses. I guess it isn’t surprising how things are stated on certain news sites. For example, around the 3:10 mark, a person from Planned Parenthood says the nuns are exempt:

While the Becket representative says they are not exempt.

No wonder there is so much confusion over who is exempt, what is required, what isn’t…

In case there is ANY question, Planned Parenthood is an evil organization that is responsible for more abortions than any other provider. They have incredible power and are likely behind the push for the HHS Mandate as they dispense birth control pills and abortifacient drugs.

Follow the mony

And no the nuns are NOT exempt because they help all who need them. The only exemptions are for churches and religious organizations that only assist their own members and hire their own members. Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity wouldn’t be exempt either BECAUSE they take everyone who needs help.


Oh yes, I understand how PP acts. I am just surprised (maybe I shouldn’t be) that the representative would lie on national TV and say the nuns were exempt.

They don’t understand the Church or the teachings. To them all you need to do is sign a form. But for us it’s being complicit in a grave evil. Not that I wouldn’t put it past them to lie since they could probably get away with it.


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