Contraception and Job

If I work at a market I am expected to give out contraceptives to customers who want them. Isn’t that a sin or not and how can I avoid it?


I have no idea but I’m so relieved to have read your question. I was afraid to see what kind of job required contraception.

I take it you work in a store that sells condoms among a million other things…
How could you be Committing a sin ? you are doing your normal retail job…
What people do with a sold item is only of the Customers concern.

Love it!

The same question could be put to a person selling guns; legal drugs and alcohol in different contexts.Are we guilty if other persons use these things against the moral law? Contraceptives are however in a different class. I believe that some Catholic Pharmacists will not sell contraceptives as they, unlike guns and alcohol, are morally damaging in itself as an abortion causing drug. It is something that must be found within one’s own conscience and with support of a good priest. Can you not avoid personally selling these things. A worthwhile employer would find another assistant to take on this role to avoid a possible occasion of sin. If your employer does not have such consideration I would look for better employment.

OTOH, the pill can be used to treat some legitimate medical conditions, can’t it? We don’t know that the person buying them is using it as contraception. It’s more than likely, but it would be wrong to deny treatment to the few people who need it.

Also, perforated condoms are permitted for medical testing. Not sure exactly how that changes things, I mean, its pretty clear that at least some of the people buying them are not following Church teaching, but its kind of impossible to know who is and who isn’t and its not up to us to make that judgement.

right, but prophylactics are not abortifacient, which is one thing the pill is designed to do. Just saying…, the first goes against the potential to conceive, the second actually can abort the fertilized egg, which is a living, human organism.

This is something that recently started bothering me. I work in a CVS and occasionally I ring condoms through the checkout. Of course it kind of bothered me before I caught Catholic fever since married couples don’t usually use condoms, but now it bothers me moreso. It makes me terrified because I don’t know where I’m suppose to work that doesn’t involve occasionally aiding people in sinning. I’m sure it’s paranoia, but I feel as though I either need to be a priest or a homeless person.

I hope my employer is so sympathetic, as it is I’m walking on eggshells and I don’t want to anger him. I’m also working through this with a priest.

I suppose that some contraceptives are okay and I suppose that I cannot be sure that any arbitrary one is being used in a sinful way, however I do think that the most common sense reasoning must prevail in this situation and therefore I would like to avoid this occasion of sin. However I need this job, so do you know of any other ways to avoid giving out contraceptives besides going through the boss?

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