Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change

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Where is this “religion” coming from?

My feelings exactly. All of those who are trying to eliminate people from the world don’t realize they are working for the one who wants to eliminate them!

They really aren’t wanting to eliminate anyone… just don’t want to share with anymore than are already here.

Contraception is intrinsically immoral. It is, therefore, not a good way to accomplish anything.

There is no climate change crisis. There is climate change but the crisis was invented so that rights can be taken away from the individual. If anything that is being done on Earth is the cause of climate change, then why is Mars also experiencing global warming which, according to the folks at NASA, it is. The Earth goes through cycles that are tied to the level of sunspots. Neither contraception, nor anything else we can do, can change the number of sunspots.

An excellent PowerPoint presentation on the climate change hoax

I too am a climate skeptic.
That global warming theory is looking too, too politically correct.
The last warmest year was in 1998. Then every year was colder although the CO2 continues rising.
You must google “Svensmark’s theory”. This Danish scientist proposed a new theory regarding the Earth’s temperatures variations that would be explained by the cosmic radiations modulated by the solar magnetic activity.
This theory looks so interesting that one of the very first very expensive experiences in the big French-Swiss colliding ring CERN, was programmed in august to test its validity.
Before issuing insane solutions like contraception to stop the warming, it would be helpful to make the public aware that there are more pertinent theories than the greenhouse gases to explain it.

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