Contraception that's not abortifacients?

A friend of mine on facebook posted a link to

In it, it states that IUDs and Plan B are not abortifacients. Where can I find more information about this?

They are.

In the 1960’s the definition of when life starts was changed from conception to implantation.

Those things you mentioned can easily fall into the space between the two, so to the medical world, no they aren’t definition-wise abortifacients. But that may be different in God’s eyes, and is it worth the risk?

I found that, but I’m sure someone can give you a better link.


There are contraceptives that prevent ovulation. Not all contraceptives are abortifacients. The sin of contraception is not just in possible abortion, but in removing the openness to life of the marital act. When you do that sex becomes less unitive and more selfish.

What some people are missing is that these forms of contraception work in three different ways at the same time: releasing hormones to prevent ovulation, preventing the endometrium from growing and thickening the cervical mucus. The original pill in the 50’s did work by fully blocking ovulation but this method causes too many serious side effects to women, so eventually to reduce the side effects they came up with the three way of working in which the woman will ovulate from time to time (that is why under the pill, IUD etc the woman will get periods). Because the woman does ovulate thete at be conception so then the second way contraception works comes into play, the linen of the uterus has not grown so implantation will fail and the woman will have what is known as a chemical abortion (again that is why with IUD there is a warning that sometimes you can experience “very heavy period” those very heavy periods are not periods, instead chemical abortions in which the woman would not know she just had a chemical abortion)

As to plan B I have read a lot about the fact that is not abortifacient. There is an argument that many women have become pregnant after taking Plan B which seems to favor the argument of not being abortifatien. However…and this is a big big BUT…plan B does have a huge warning… Do not take if “you are pregnant”. So if it is true that plan B is not an abortifacient…why it is so dangerous if taken while pregnant? No doctor or pro choicer has been able to give me a proper answer on that question, hence I have high doubts as to plan b just…preventing ovulation.

The only current hormonal method that exist that is not abortifacient and only works by preventing ovulation is Depo provers to my knowledge. Which again has terrible side effects on the woman’s body.

It is not relevant.
Any artificial contraceptive (whether abortifacient or not) used to prevent pregnancy is forbidden and its use is a sin of grave matter.

So what goes on with plan B is it delays ovulation and thickens the mucus in the vagina. Sperm takes a while to get to the egg and dies within a certain period of time.

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