Contractor makes progress on new border wall in New Mexico


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials confirmed this week that more than 8,100 panels spanning more than 11 miles (18 kilometers) had been constructed as of Aug. 8.


Wow. 11 miles in only 4 months. At this rate they will finish that wall in another 59 years.


Trump, doing the work of 5 years in 59! All hail the glorious leader! Protector of the Motherland, for him there is no land beyond the Volga.


Oh come on… these are government contracts… like the highway repairs upgrades and maintenance it will go on forever… as long as Merica last there will be contacts to milk.


Big whoop - NOT.


Yeah the government is awful and slow at everything. Anyone with kids in government schools or who observes road construction should know this.


Actually, they could work in multiple locations AND the could focus on known trouble spots first.

Such as this one:


It’s a shame the Dems won’t allow funding of serious, “industrial”-level construction. When you’re only going to be paid for 11 miles, and don’t know if you’ll get paid for any more than that, you’re not going to bring a whole lot of resources to bear.


It’s a shame the Republicans won’t allow funding of serious, “industrial”-level wind a solar energy projects. It all depends on what you consider worthwhile and what you consider a boondoggle.


Which industrial level wind and solar projects are making a profit, considering the cost of land, installation, etc?

Windmills and the wall have totally different purposes.


Which segment of “the wall” is making a profit?


The wall is not intended to make a profit. It has a totally different purpose, as you know.


Such a misguided post. Plenty of capital is available for green energy projects with a market return.

Using Govt funds to build losers, bridges to nowhere, that’s just not very smart. Why do you push for it?,


My post must be read in context, which was purely in comparison to the border wall. It is a mistake to read it as a stand-alone call for more investment in green energy.


AND they are UGLY!


I guess that’s why they sell so many picture postcards of them in Holland. Oh, wait…


Sure am glad we are getting a little start on the Wall! The job will be in full force soon! Thank you Mr. President!


How soon? The man is approaching the mid point of his term in office. I suspect people will look back later when the shouting calms down and realize they were played.


Why should the purpose of “green energy” such as solar power be to make a profit? Surely its purpose is to supply clean energy.


What is your definition of “profit”?

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